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  • Activator addvance or dominator

    Wondering if anyone can help. Am 32 6'3 and 85kg and currently riding 7.0x21x3 merrick flyer 2 and am wanting to step down to something a bit more manoeuvrable. Am the beginner/intermediate and surf on average 50 days a year plus trips to oz/indo. Surf ne England beach and reef breaks and am looking for a board that can get into waves early/bit of stability on take off but can turn well. Surf knee high beach mush to overhead steep reef breaks but can't decide which board will be the best all rounder, activator Dom or advannce. Wouldnt want to go under 6'6 as am quite tall. Can anyone help?

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    6'6 Addvance would be my vote. It has the volume for paddling and stability and usability in small stuff but also the rocker to handle smaller conditions.
    I think the Dom and would be a bit awkward at that size in bigger, steeper conditions. The Activator could also be worth a look but not sure about the rocker for overhead steep reef breaks.
    Maybe look at the Jacknife too.