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Activator 6'11 for Bali?

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  • Activator 6'11 for Bali?

    Coming off a 9'6 rockered log and a 7'2 Kechele Pug - would love something better paddling than the pug and faster than the longboard. I'm 5'11 165 and thinking the extra float of the 6'11 Activator would make it fun, stable and a great board to grow into for year 4. Other option is an advance but have a line on a 6'11 new for $500. Is that a good fit for southern california most days and a trip to Indo in September?

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    You could grab it and try it and if it doesn't work out you should be able to get your money back selling it on, if you can find someone looking for a 6'11 Activator.
    Personally I think the Addvance is a better pick. It's a board that is designed to be ridden at high volumes whereas the Activator isn't really. It could work for you though, so at that price it might be worth giving a try.


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      Thanks Phill - appreciate the input. I found a good deal at Cleanline Surf - tax free to CA and free shipping. I bought it and cancelled the order 2 hours later. I think the 7'6" Addvance might be a better all around board for someone that loves the extra volume and stability of a longboard. I'll look for a sale on those...might be a good travel board since they're light and tough.