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    Hello Friends:

    ¿Has anyone tried the Activator as a twinny? Well , i did, and.... what a surprise!!!. I recently saw a pair of Rasta Twin Keel Fins from Future at a shop, and those things made me wonder how they would ride on my 5.9 Activator. I figured out that because of their big size , the end of those keels would extend past to the front fin boxes and down to the middle of the rear ones, kind of substituting the rear fins on a quad configuration. Three days later, i returned to the shop and purchased them, thinking that they worth the try, and also thinking that i could loose my money in case they did not work as figured.
    The result was amazing!! I put the fins on the board and added a little knob in the middle finbox for some directional drive. You won't believe how good the board rides on this configuration. I was a little confused on where to put my feet at the begining, and how to make the bottom turn as you feel the board a little skaty. But after half an hour of riding it, everything got together and the thing began to ride like never before...... Extremely fast after the bottom turn , fast releases at the top of the wave and rail cutbacks, smooth and powerfull ones. The paddling was also enhanced , getting into the waves earlier.... The only thing that you have to take care is when standing up and riding down at first, because the board is so sensitive that any imperfect balance will make you fall down. After this, on a well done bottom turn, the board goes to town and you can get at any part of the wave you want. The secret is using your rails for turning. The feeling is amazing, like you have no board..... no drag at all.
    I rode the board for four or five sessions and became addicted to the felling. You can ride big waves as well, the speed you get is out of this world. You just need to manage how to control it....smoth transitions from rail to rail is the objective.
    After those sessions i tried the board as a Quad again,my former comments, will never get back at it...twinny is way much better.
    If you try them on your Activator, just let me know.

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    Hi mate it funny you posted this as wi was planing on doing the same but about the potato nator. Everything you said was spot on and put much better than I could have. When I first tried the PN as a twin I did not have the little k nubster In the rear. This made the board slide out lots of I had too much pressure downing a bottom turn ,especially in a punchie wave. I have not ridden as a quad in a long time but will try to see the differance again. Cheers for you post.


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      Echoes my findings with the Tomo nano when I ran it as a twin with the Rasta keels in smaller waves. Buckets of fun, shedloads of drive. Fin selection is a black art full of fun.


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        yeah it really is. so many permutations out there when it comes to fin and board selection, then when you take into account the surfer, the possibilities do seem endless...


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          Bought myself a 6'11" rapidfire for beachbreak crowd control when its 3' plus. "Johnson, my wave."
          Can't wait to try it. Ha, can't wait for it to be over 2' again.


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            Ran the activator as a quad. Good fun. Tried it today with K2 keels and a futures nubster. Geez, its so much faster down the line. Blow me down it turns too.
            Last edited by cuttlefish; 07-14-2016, 01:35 AM. Reason: Completely agree with Petoven's assessment above. Purists be damned LOL!