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    Activator may be good, but very similar boards in my opinion, (which may be what you are looking for).
    I use the BP, my "long board" for my small or mushy days and the HF (my short board) for bigger days, and this mix keeps me happy. I also know several others who enjoy this mix.
    Hope this helps.


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      Aloha DelMarSurfer,

      I have surfed the HF and SF, and am looking at possibly getting an AC to fill in just above my BP.
      I think your 2 board quiver idea may work. For small days I prefer my BP, but an AC/SP/DOM would work well too. All 3 have the same rocker profile so you get easy entry and glide across the waves. The tail on the SF and AC will act similar with the differences being too subtle for my skill level, but snappy to say the least. (I ride a swallow and stinger on some of my other boards.) Personally I find the swallow tail to be super loose in turns/snaps which I love!
      In a nutshell, the AC will make paddling into waves much easier than the HF, and perform better on smaller waves, but you will still need some sort of wave and face to ride. The HF performs well on larger waves, (shoulder high faces+), where the profile for the AC will work well on medium sized waves, (up to head high+).
      Hope this helps... Lot's of fun!