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  • 6'6 ADDvance review

    So I told myself I would do this once I had a sufficient amount of time surfing my addvance. When I was looking for a board to help me step down from a long board I found the addvance had little to no competition. I read reviews but most reviews, although good, were coming from experienced surfers moving down from a long board or up from a short board. I had to trust in the description of the board, reviews, and my ability to make a large jump from a 10ft longboard to a 6'6 floaty board. A brief summary of myself should be helpful, I am in good shape, 5'9, 170 lbs, and 27 years old. I have been surfing for a little less than a year and living 3 hours from the beach find myself lucky to go out 2-3 times a month. I primarily surf low period wind swell beach breaks with very low chance for clean conditions. Actually surf here is almost always choppy and disorganized.

    Well after three sessions on the board, I am catching waves, bottom turning, and going down the line. Paddling is definitely tougher than the longboard but that was too be expected and I still find myself making it outside on low period wind swell beach breaks with little to no channels without much difficulty. I am still a bit wobbly when paddling on choppy water but I am sure that will pass with time. Popping up has been by far the largest hurdle, as I learned to popup on the longboard with my feet. Now on the 6'6 my feet and part of my legs are in the water so I have to do a proper pop up. Everything seemed to click on my last session and I was popping up fine and finally getting to surf the board. Turning was much easier than my 10ft long board, the board felt way more stable than I expected for such a drop in length, and the board was really really fast on the drop but still stable.

    So for those of you considering this board that might have a similar background or situation as me, do it. That last session where everything clicked was better than the last 20 sessions on my longboard. I have no doubt a larger addvance would have been easier to transition to, but I didn't feel like replacing my longboard with a hybrid board because Texas has small surf all summer long. Surfing the log is still better than not surfing at all and now I have a board for days where there is just a bit more than a ripple.

    Hope this helps someone. I am still stoked from my last session.

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    Thanks mate- a lot of us are in your position, good to hear some real life acclaim.


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      stoked thanks for the great words clockwork!!!


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        Hey clockwork, could you post a pic of your 6'6 Addvance? Can't find that many on the net of a 6'6


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          short and squat.

          here is a 606 next to a 508 dom.

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            Thanks Chris, I appreciate it!


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              If your coming down from a long board its actually a lot smaller than it looks. I suppose if your coming up from a shortboard it looks huge.

              The foil isn't emphasized in those pics though you can find some good ones on Google images.

              I dinged mine with a too long leash cord a few days ago. Looks like a superficial crack but I have no clue how long it was cracked in the water. Squeezed it and couldn't get any water out. Let it alone for a few days and patched it up with some solarez today. I did the solarez outside though and when sanding I was getting a hissing sound from the fresg resin. Sanded more. Applied solarez and it stopped. Am I right in assuming that the vapor was just air expanding from the heat maybe exiting through a pinhole that was opened from sanding? It didnt look like water coming out.

              Also you know how sometimes you can see a inch or so of glass fibers beneath the outer coat? after ever session I seem to get a new area where you can see a area of fibers though the surface still appears smooth and it doesn't feel squishy. Any thoughts? I'm fairly new to surfing and my experience is with super thick gsi boards.

              Performance is great however had 2 more sessions in less than optimal conditions. I weigh 165 and can duck dive it. Got my first floater as well. Wheeew


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                Clockwork - thanks for the 6'6" review. Extremely helpful as you are about my size and I'm looking for a 6'6" as a first short board (down from a 7'9" funshape). I would love to hear an update on what you think of the board (pros/cons) and how your surfing has progressed. -thanks dan


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                  This forum is great and as a beginner it was/is a super helpful resource. I have taken a lot of info from these reviews and the feedback from the regulars who take the time to help. Figured this may be useful to someone who was in my position.

                  I am 5'9 150-155LBS and 35 years old. Got my ADD in late Sept 2013. I had been surfing for about 12 months but maybe 1x a week. Started on a 7'9x21x2.75 funboard with a shortboardish shape (pointy nose and narrow tail not a longboard shape). Surf Northern California, mostly sloppy beachbreaks with some good days in there and a week in Nicaragua. Wave size from knee to 1ft-2ft overhead.

                  So here is a short summary on my experience with the 6'6 ADD: There was really no transition period coming from my funboard as far as paddling/wave-catching and pop-up. It is as user-friendly as advertised. I can sit out with the longboarders in a crowded line-up and still catch waves. Now it doesn't paddle/catch QUITE as good as my funboard as it doesnt glide like a 7'9 but I can use it as a funboard/longboard substitute for sure on small days. It makes drop-ins very easy. MANY times ive found that my feet were out of place or I was kind of off-balance and I was still able to recover and make the drop. I really have not had any issues with nose-diving unless I was out of position. My turns have greatly improved and I feel comfortable generating speed and top/bottom turns. The board really made it easy for me to get used to a shorter ride. I bought a cheap used 6'4 HPSB a few months after the ADD at about 28-29L volume and I can ride that too (catching mushy waves is tough). My friends who weigh more than me, 170-185 REALLY love the ADD.

                  I cant really duck-dive it unless I'm in the perfect spot at the base of the wave (whitewater basically not at all). As Fokai and a few others have noted; its a shame this board isn't available in a 6'2. That would have been perfect! The 6'6 seems like a bit of overkill on the volume for someone 150LBS or under and my only other option was to oversize a DOM or another board that's supposed to be ridden smaller. It is tough to make quick turns and cutbacks are drawn-out and hard to complete...although my lack of skill def plays a huge role in that! It is a sweet board and I feel very confident that I can surf it in ankle-biters to overhead waves, which may be my favorite thing about it. The versatility is awesome. The board is capable of handling bigger waves than I can but on the small days it is more exciting to ride than a funboard. Overall, I would say the ADD is a great board but if you are a lightweight (<155) you may find it to be more surfboard than you need.

                  thanks for reading my diary :)


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                    Thanks SFsurfer. I'm a shortboarder going back up the volume because my wave count is piss poor. Unless you are an expert you are never going to duckdive that volume, be content that it will paddle out past alot more waves you would otherwise have to duckdive on a shortboard. If you can make the Advance turn properly using all of your body you will be in good nick for stepping down.


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                      Hey SFsurfer, thanks for this review. You and I have a huge amount of overlap as I surf in Northern California as well (Pacifica mostly/OB on small days/sometimes Santa Cruz). I'm 5'11 and 160-165 lbs and 25. I started on a 8'0x22x2 7/8 funboard. Been surfing almost a year at 1-2 times a week. Having a tough time deciding between 6'6 and 6'8. Based on your review it seems like 6'6 is the way to go but I'm worried about chopping off so much length. Should I just pull the trigger and work with 6'6?



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                        Hey Enjoy, I would say go 6'6. It has plenty of volume for float and stability. 6'6 vs 6'8 is a pretty small difference in my opinion length-wise and you will adapt to either in a short time. If you are interested we could meet for a surf and I'd be happy to let you ride my 6'6. PM me and we can talk.


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                          Hey Enjoy, I would say go 6'6. It has plenty of volume for float and stability. 6'6 vs 6'8 is a pretty small difference in my opinion length-wise and you will adapt to either in a short time. If you are interested we could meet for a surf and I'd be happy to let you ride my 6'6. PM me and we can talk.


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                            SFsurfer, thanks for the tip. I ended up going 6'6 and agree that it is plenty stable/floaty enough, though a little more bouncy and less stable than my 8'0 mini-mal, which is to be expected. I was able to catch waves/pop up on it on my first session out, although as you have stated I do notice a little less glide from the drop in length. I did notice that the board felt like it rode higher in the water due to the epoxy/volume. The board felt much more agile than my mini-mal and should be a blast to ride as I further adjust.
                            Last edited by enjoy; 09-21-2015, 12:26 PM.