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ADDVANCE Question on sizing...yes another one...Help!

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  • ADDVANCE Question on sizing...yes another one...Help!

    So, some background. I started surfing last March in New almost a year now. I have consistently gone to Long Beach or Montauk about 3-6 times a month. So a competant beginer. I am 5'11" and 180lbs not wearing a wetsuit, which is usually required for most of the year. I am a good paddler as I also swim regularly for exercise and my pop up is strong...its just catching more waves si the prob. I live in Manhattan and have some size contraints given its a small apartment and where I can store the board and traveling on train, etc... I purchased my first board after renting for 6 or so times. I got a Chris Birch mini longboard 6'8" x 21.5" x 2.5625", this was recommended to me as it was good size for NYC living but a longboard outline (round nose, pin tail). If the waves are decent I can pop up and travel accross the face. My issue is that my beach break gets pretty crowded and I cant sit with the longoarders in the line up and it's tough catching a lot of these crappy waves on my micro longboard sitting between longboards and shortboarders. I dont know the volume of the board but assume its probably low 40 liters given the provided dimensions? (does get thin towards the nose tickness and tail) I just want to catch a lot more waves and have fun in our mostly average 1-4 foot mushy conditions and still turn easily. I also want this to be as much of a 1 board quiver as possible. I was originally thinking the 7'2" but also am thinking that the 6'10" might be plenty for my weight (6'10" would be easier for me living in the city) . I am comfortable with the length of my current board (actually just sold it so i can afford a FW) just not as easy to catch waves as I would have thought or was sold on. I thought the 6'10" being over an half inch thicker and over 1 inch wider would actually be adding a lot of extra float...I just wish I knew the volume of my Chris Birch board. Figure most of that volume is really coming from how this the Addvance througout? Please let me know which size you think is best given all that garbage about my situation i just spewed :) THanks!!!

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    Hey blander,
    i would say that you should go with the 610. The 702 is a real boat and you may get away from having a board that you can grow into performance wise. Plus you aren't heavy enough to demand the volume of the 702. The 610 will get you tons of waves and as you improve, it represents a board that you will be able to turn and play with.

    Cheers and hope this helps!


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      Thanks!!!! I had a feeling the 610 would be great. I ordered the 610 with futures fin box a couple days ago from OutBanks Boarding Co.....should get it in a cpl days. Pretty pumped!!! thx


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        i like the 6'10. if u have strong paddling, u'll b fine


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          Blander, I think you could easiliy go the 6'6. I think it would have heps move volume than than your mini longboard. If you really wanted some padlle power, the 6'10 will be a wave catching machine.

          The Addvance is definately a 1 board quiver so you are on the money there.

          I love new board stoke !!!