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6' 10" Addvance - First ride

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  • 6' 10" Addvance - First ride

    I got to ride the 6' 10" yesterday. I'm not a great surfer, nor have I surfed a lot of boards (this is the shortest board I've ridden), so take this with a pinch of salt but thought I'd post how I got on. I'm 39 182lbs, good skater, bad surfer.

    Was at Bantham, UK, messy and about 2ft with some bigger ones coming through, board had plently of float, I found it a toughish paddle, might have been cos it was super choppy, took me a while to get used to paddling wider as the board is wide, probably I need to paddle a little higher up the board, not worried about this though I find all boards a tough paddle.

    Took me a few tries to get a wave, I was super tired due to a heavy weekend so didn't have much energy. I really had to get close to the shoulder or to where the wave has just broke to catch one, once I was up dug my rail in and fell off immediately, this thing turns! I was riding it thruster.

    Got a few other waves and stood up, so much more fun than my 7' 6" mini mal, different world, could turn it fairly easily, it turned pretty tight. It caught waves early, I was probably getting up too late as I'm used to giving it a few more paddles on the mini mal.

    All in all very pleased, I can't wait to take it out on a clean day, I've got a feeling that the 6' 6" may have been ok, not sure.

    I've just recieved some stretch FCS quads for it, apparently a faster paddle but skids out, I'm so far from doing that anyway that I'll take the paddle help.

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    stick w/ it. the board rocks.


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      Sticking with it for sure! Just wish I got to surf more often, can't wait to give it another try.


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        Sounds like it was a choppy day. Try it in cleaner surf to really get the board's potential.


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          Will do, I'll write back. Can't wait to give it another try!


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            Thought i'd give an update, it's been a while!

            I don't get to surf much as our local break doesn't work often (Brighton, UK) but since I've owned the Addvance it's been with me to Sri Lanka.

            The Addvance would be my recommendation to any beginner, it transformed my fun in the water over my old 7' 6" Mini Mal, I could have got away with the 6' 6" and would love to swap mine for one if I could.

            I ride my Thruster but at this stage I'm not sure I know the difference too well.

            This thing really does catch waves so each if they have any power at all, i'm not a great paddler but this thing moves well. I've ridden in the biggest surf i've been in and it held up well (better than I did), it's so stable that you can get away with a lot of incorrect foot positioning on pop up.

            What I really noticed above my mini mal is how responsive it is, it's a BIG board but it turns well, certainly way more fun that a mini mal.

            On my Sri Lanka trip i took 2 boards the 6' 10" Addvance and a 6' 0" Potatonator (brought 2nd hand, bit of a gamble) I rode the Addvance for the first 3 days then switched, the Addvance got me loads of waves and made me feel comfortable, surprising the Potatonator felt comfortable when switching down.

            I'm 40 and 180lbs, as I siad 6' 6" would be great, however I would not hesitate lending the Addvance to any beginner friends, my Mini Mal held me back for too long, the Addvance is easy to ride but also responsive and feels like a proper surfboard.