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Firewire Addvance vs 7s Superfish Pics

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  • Firewire Addvance vs 7s Superfish Pics

    Tried to add these pics to the post comparing these boards but wouldn't work for some reason.

    Due to timings of the 2nd hand market I've ended up with both a 6' 8" 7s Superfish and a 6' 10" Addvance.

    Took some side by side pics if any use.

    Uploaded bigger...

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    I would imagine that the Add will paddle easier without giving up performance. What did you find???


    • #3
      I'll let you know as soon as we get some waves and I get time to get to them!


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        wow... the 7S looks like a grom board compared to the ADD. too much overlap tho. u shud swap one w a BP.


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          Defo too much overlap, wasn't supposed to end up with both.

          Will give the 7s a go for a few sessions before I move it on, then maybe something else, Baked Potato would be interesting, though I'm not a great surfer so 6' 8" / 6' 10" felt like it was pushing me already and I know everyone rides the BP much smaller?