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WTB 6'6 Addvance and Addvance vs Spitfire

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  • WTB 6'6 Addvance and Addvance vs Spitfire

    First of all: thanks to the regulars here. Ive read a ton on this forum and its a great spot to gain knowledge.

    Due to the reviews here I'm looking to buy a 6'6 Addvance. Thought I would post here as I'm having no luck finding a used one on craigslist near San Francisco (or anywhere else for that matter).

    Also, I recently went into a retailer that had both the 6'10 Addvance and 6'4 Spitfire. I was talking to the owner and he was telling me that I should go the Spitfire route instead of the Addvance. He said the adjustment from a funboard would take a few months but I wouldnt regret it. Spit has 41.5 vol vs the 6'6 Addvance at 48 vol.

    I told him I was pretty much a beginner: Ive been surfing about a day a week for the last 10 months but I can get out more if the conditions are ok. Usually crummy beachbreaks around san francisco and N cali. I usually surf a Roger Hinds 7'9'x21x2.75 board that was given to me. Its a thruster with a pointy nose and a smallish tail: Kind of looks like a longer shortboard shape. I can go left and right alright and Im working on being able to generate speed. I havent gotten cutbacks or any manuvers down yet. I'm 5'9" and 155 LBS. 34 Years old and in shape. I've also surfed a 7'4 7S fish in Hawaii and a thick 6'8 fish that felt like I was surfing on a cooler but both boards were fun. As there are no channels where I surf it would be great to get a board I could duck-dive but from what Ive read that may or maynot be possible on the Addvance depending on who is on the board.

    Unfortunately there is nowhere to demo these size boards.

    SO... do you think the 6'6 Addvance is a better choice than the 6'4 Spitfire? I know the Spit would be less forgiving but in punchy Nor cal beach breaks is it a good choice? On really small days I can still surf my funboard.

    Thanks for any/all advice and props for such a great source of info.


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    I'm not a great surfer & I'm learning about the range by reading here, but I'd have thought it would be between the Dominator & Addvance?



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      Rich, thanks for the reply and to be honest I agree as the Spitfire seems to be a bit of a higher performance DOM. I definately don't need the performance as I'm just learning and it seems from what I've read people in the know have steered folks like me away from an oversized DOM when looking to step down to a shorter board.

      very possible the owner was just reccomending I buy what he had in stock as he didn't have a 6'6" Addvance


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        ahhhh, the SF vs the ADD. both r awesome boards. yes i do have both. my ADD is a 6'10 and SF is a 6'6. my SF is too big and the ADD is sweet, but i cud go w a 6'6 as well. if u have read my posts then u know i luv the ADD. the SF started my run w FW tho and i had a great winter w it. being that ur 155 lbs and going to keep ur fun board, u shud think about a DOM, SP or BP. the SF does have a lot of vol, but the DOM is probably easier to transition with. the ADD is just huge for a surfer ur weight. not bad tho, i only say that cus ur keeping ur fun board. the SP has a lot of vol, but will allow u to learn. i might b wrong, but stay similar w what u have and know to progress to the higher level u want.


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          FokaiHI - thanks for the response - I really appreciate your input. I have read your posts on the Addvance, which offer lots of great insight. It does seem as if there would be some overlap between my funboard and the Addvance. I havent given the SP or BP much thought because they seem so short considering what I've been riding (even though there is a lot of volume) and I thought of them as only small wave boards (pretty much just assumed that so not sure if its true). The DOM seemed like a possibility but I thought some people on here didn't like them when beachbreaks get head-high + steep/punchy.

          Ideally my new board would hold up in head-high + surf / paddle pretty well to keep my wave count up (lots of SUP and longboarders) / and hopefully be able to duck-dive. I also dont mind getting a board thats a bit beyond my current level of skill and pushing myself to get better surfing 3-4 days a week when conditions allow. I do understand its hard to have everything you want in one board! I'd have to research more about the SP and BP to see if they are versatile enough to ride in the wide array of conditions here around San Francisco as well as the trip I have planned to Nica.


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            not only do i have the boards u r looking at, but i too have surfed the Bay Area thru Santa Cruz. i spent some time living in San Rafael and became quite fond of Ft. Point as well as Ocean Beach. i think those were the 2 we used to go too.

            i surf w a guy that rides the Quad Fish which seems very similar to the ADD at a smaller scale. he surfs it big to small, punchy to slopey. granted he is a very good surfer, but he always uses that board


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              cool to hear that you've spent a lot of time surfing around here. I mostly surf the beginner spots in the area. Really interested in how you feel the ADD would work compared to some of the other boards (DOM/BP/SPIT/) given the surf here and my skill level


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                the biggest difference to me w the ADD and other types of fun boards is that the ADD is really easy to adapt to. its a lot of board, but super responsive. for ur skill level, the ADD wud definitely allow u to progress. the funny thing about the ADD is that i primarily got it for one spot, but found that it handles all conditions and style of waves. i dont surf much beach breaks tho so i cudnt say for Ocean Beach, but the ADD works everywhere that u wud surf at ur skill level for sure. i think ur a little light, but i teach my kids on mine and its a 6'10 and none of them r over 120lbs.


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                  @SFsurfer, the Spit is a little more advance board. Like fokaiHI said, ADD or maybe even a DOM would be a better choice.



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                    Sounds like the ADD is a good choice. I dont mind a bit of overlap with my funboard because I got that for free and the ADD will allow me to still catch a lot of small/soft waves in a crowded line-up while still offering plenty of performance. My plan is to find a 6'6 ADD and work on my surfing until I've progressed to the point where I need to go down in volume but by then i'll be at a skill level where I dont need to oversize a higher performance board to make it surfable for me. Since the ADD is such a versatile board it should still have a place in my quiver when I decide to step down again.

                    Thanks again for the help, much appreciated!


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                      Interesting conversation and well thought out comments from from fokaiHI and Hawaii_boi; I don't have that much knowledge but liked the discussion and thought I would add 10 cents worth. Have an AddVance 7'2 - am somewhat of a veteran and ride it in a variety of conditions more 3-5' beach breaks than anything else. I like that it really performs in the steep conditions where it has speed, hangs in well, feels great to ride and turns pretty well for size. It is versatile and goes pretty well in fatter conditions. The AddV narrower tail compared to the Dom is not as well suited for sloping conditions but it is still fine. The volume can be difficult in powerfull reef conditions, but that might also depend on your weight to volume ratio. My feeling is that it is just that bit more versatile overall that the Dom and perhaps better for the early part of your learning cycle


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                        JVSouth knows what im talking about. if u never ride the ADD, u'll never know. people can call it a fun board, but to me, its the ultimate cheater board. plenty of performance w a lot of waves.