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6'10" or 7'2" or other for 170lb beginner ??

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  • 6'10" or 7'2" or other for 170lb beginner ??

    I want to pick up a board and thinking the Addvance. Is this too big a step?

    I'm a kitesurfer wanting to become a surfer.
    I've been kiting since 2002 but live 2hrs from the coast so I do weekends, days off, vacations etc.
    I'm mainly riding kiteSURF boards these days but want to be able to surf when the conditions are right and also increase my wave knowledge and general surf abilities.

    170lbs, 5'10" and 50yrs young in very good to excellent physical condition.
    Went for a lesson to get the basics and got up and rode the very first wave with lots of rides after that.
    Still need to work a bit on timing but felt pretty good.
    Definitely bitten by the bug.

    I know I should get a long board and work down or do a bunch of rentals but with my drive I don't want to deal with the hassle.
    I want to have the board with me and I go to multiple NC coastal locations which may or may have board rental options.
    Also, for portability I want to keep the length to 8' or less.

    It's ok if I spend a bit more to get something decent that I can grow into fairly easily especially if I would want to keep it longer term.
    The other option I've been considering is something used, around 7'6" to 8'. I found a good deal on a Fox 8'1" Flexlite but I need to find the detailed board specs.

    Want to catch lots of waves and be able to carve ... or should I bite the bullet and get the 9 footer and be more patient?

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    Hey Tony,

    I have the 6' 10" Addvance, i'm 39 182lbs and moving towards intermediate.

    It floats me great, it's easy to catch waves on, not as easy as a longboard to catch waves on (what is?) but when you're up it's a different world (than a longboard) it rides amazing, it's the first board I've had which I feel I can learn turns on.

    I'd defo chose the addvance over the 8' 1" you mention, there are no downsides really, I wasted a lot of time on a Mini Mal, it was ok, but coming from a skateboarding background I feel I could have developed quicker on a more progressive board, as you have other board experience I imagine you'll progress quickly too.

    You could go the 7' 2", the Addvance has been designed to be ridden with plenty of volume anyway, but the 6' 10" would be fine also depending on how you feel.



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      Thanks for the reply. I'm also wondering about a big Potatonator might be a consideration?? Would a 6'6" (of either) be doable and better in the long run? Are there times where I would still need/want a longboard? Heading to the coast tomorrow and hopefully see these boards but I'll be kiting ... the wind is cranking.