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need expert advice a new board after 610 my Addvance

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  • need expert advice a new board after 610 my Addvance

    age: 35
    weight: 185lbs
    skill: crappy to intermediate
    riding 2ft-10ft+ hurricane swell) for about seven years and can make turns off the top of the lip into a re-entry but mostly carve and ribbon on a wave to generate speed

    After stepping down to the 610 Addvance, from riding 9ft longboards, my mind has been blown over and over again by this wonderful board. I have had it for almost 1 1/2 years now and am using the Futures Elevons Quad setup. I live on Long Island NY and have ridden this board from 2 ft to 2-3ft overhead so far and it has rocked! No problem catching the waves, dropping in is a blast, and this thing really turns on a dime if you want it to.
    I mostly just like to carve out a few sweeping turns and ribboning on the face to generate speed , nothing in the realm of radical, but HERE goes my inquiry.
    It seems that on really pumping barrel beach breaks whether it be 4ft, or head high, (i have not been in any barrel spots bigger than that so far,) I feel like the extra volume and the extra length of the board get caught as I drop in to cut in a certain direction. I haven't learned to cut IMMEDIATELY on the takeoff, so I either eat it when I drop in(nose gets buried even though i angle the board) and cut or I get annihilated by the lip because I'm out too far and cant turn in fast enough.
    When I took a recent trip to Nicaragua at predominant barrel-spot with the board, my expert level friends were SWEARING that I could get barreled on this board. My ability level just isn't there apparently. I was too afraid to take off at the apex and instead tried dropping in on the shoulders, but I felt like the water might have been moving too fast and the extra volume was not helping me get in.
    I want to advance even further, and have been scouring these forums and I am down to either considering purchasing the 6'6" Addvance because I am apprehensive to sacrifice the extra float, or a spitfire 6'2"-6'0"(just afraid that a 20+ Liter difference in volume will hurt me more than help). I've even looked at the Mayhem stealth in the same volume range, the PN, DOM, unibrow i mean, you name it! Im just looking for a board with good stability but also can do well in the pocket.
    My options are very open and I just want to be steered in the right direction and I am under the impression that I need to get a board with more rocker less length and volume and narrower nose. Would the 606 Addvance make the difference in length that I looking for, or do I go shorter? I was Full on SET to purchase a new shape of firewire, but Upon reading the Addvance forum, this board is really really well respected as a versatile go-to in some experienced surfer's quiver, and that is why I am considering the 606. Apologies in Addvance for the long Post.I hope I am being clear with my post....Thank-you!

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    Performance change between the 6'10" and the 6'6"? It will definitely be some but at this stage I would try something new, the V2 rocket looks pretty neat despite the 9lts difference looks like the kind of hybrid that can take your game to a higher level Hellfire will also do the job probably on the 6'8"


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      Agree it's time to try something new, I have the 6' 10" Addvance too and could ride the 6' 6" but can't see it making that much difference that I'd want the same board again. Maybe a Dominator or Spitfire?


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        Thanks for the feedback guys. Yes. I've been considering all three of those shapes. As long as I keep it lost to the 35-40L range. I just want to get better, and I heard from this forum that certain boards force you to grow. I like the sound of that. I'm thinking SF 6-0 or hellfire 6-2.


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          i was even considering a BP or a PN because I would be riding something most definitely at and below 6ft