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Addvance as a step down from Spitfire

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    Sadly I have only had it in the water twice and both of those were in really crappy conditions. It seems to paddle really well and turns on a dime . I was not able to duck dive the 6'6" , 48 litres is just too buoyant for me to get the nose down. My initial impression though is that I like the board a lot. For me it does seem to be a short board alternative to a mini mal.


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      i heard that big dog... just got my 606 and although only ridden it twice im feeling its a gr8 board. hard as heck to duck dive in the short period windswell we had wednesday but paddles and gets after it without issues. currently im running futures stretch quads but have solus, controllers, and the stretch tri fins to also play around with. definitely a lot of foam/volume in that thing.

      hawaiibooi and fokaiHI feedback certainly affirmed my decision to proceed with the addvance to which i mahalo you both.


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        Hey All,

        I'm glad to see all the positive feedback about the Addvance. Does anyone have any video of these boards being surfed? I'm really interested in getting one and would like to see one in action to get a better feel of their potential and surfing style.