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7'2" or 7'6"

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  • 7'2" or 7'6"

    I'm trying to decide between these two lengths. I'm 6'0" 245lbs and I've been riding longboards for the last couple of years. I haven't ridden a sub 8ft board in probably seven years. there is quite a bit more volume in the 7'06" but do I need it? I've only ever owned poly boards, so I don't know how much extra buoyancy to expect from EPS. I would love to go with the 7'2" I guess I just don't want to buy the wrong board. Any thoughts?

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    SFRJUDD i would say 7'6". Fokai, what do you think?



    • fokaiHI
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      hawaii_boi knows all to well going from long boarding to the SP, go smaller. i did as well and luv my 6'10, but know the 6'6 wud b awesome. my first board after 20 yrs of longboarding was a 7'6 poly. that lasted less than a month. the FW floats and paddles so well that i think anything bigger than a 6'10 is a waste. at ur size, u might struggle a little w a 6'10, but depending on ur skill set will depend on how long. if its 4' Hayn Scale, the volume wont matter anyway. the bigger or stronger the wave the less volume needed.

      side note, FW needs to make a 6'2 ADD.

    • hawaii_boi
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      fokaiHI he mentioned he was 245 lbs so automatically thought something in the 7 foot range. as for me, i personally would go as small as possible but some ppl in the forum think im crazy haha.


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    Not sure it's going to help too much, but for info i'm 180lbs 39yrs old beginner / intermediate and I ride the 6' 10" and it's way big enough for me at 57 litres.

    I can't really imagine anyone needing a 7' 6" but I'm sure someone must as they've made one.

    It's a really wide and stable board, from what I read having extra volume on this board doesn't hurt as it's designed to be ridden as a high volume board.

    Not sure that helps, I'm sure you'd get on fine with either.

    I know that this guy found that the 7' 6" was too big for him as I saw a post where he was trying to swap it for a 7' 2"

    Let us know how you get on, hopefully someone who has a 7' 6" can comment.



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      I know I'm going to have a bit of a culture shock going down from what I've been riding, there is such a volume difference between the two, I guess I won't know until I try one. Thanks for the input, I'll update when I decide.


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        Well I missed out on a used 7'2", I guess I'll try to catch a demo day. That way I can figure out which board to go with. Thanks again for the input, I definitely feel comfortable with the idea of a 7'2" now.


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          SFRJUDD let us know what you decide on and post pics of board and fins!



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            the 6'10 is big... like real big.... anything bigger, might b better to longboard


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              I was looking at the 6'10" it's what made me start picturing a sub 8 footboard for myself. I can't imagine being on a board that short. I really like the feel of the beveled rail, is there a performance reason for that, or is it just cosmetic?


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                at first i thought the bevel rail actually was part of the slippage, but slipping was due to vol/ size in short ratio. once u get it wired, the board is easy. i know ur a big guy, but i wudnt go bigger than a 7'2. the 6'10 is big for me, but not an issue. i wud've gone smaller, but no 6'6 on the islan