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Addvance 6'10 v Potatonator 6'8 or Dominator 6'10 might come down to a coin toss

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  • Addvance 6'10 v Potatonator 6'8 or Dominator 6'10 might come down to a coin toss

    New to Firewire surfboards!

    40years old been surfing since the age of 15. I will go out in almost any conditions as I believe even catching one wave is better than none. (weak knee high to powerful over head.)

    I normally surf a 9'2ft longboard but with my feet at the back of the board in an aggressive style. Earlier this year I got a Meyerhoffer 7'4 Lemondrop (53lt Vol) which I loved straight away, super fast, paddles easy and could turn on a dime but as of late feels a little sluggish with no pop off a bottom as it once did.

    So now I'm stuck between the above mentioned boards.

    6'3ft 95kgs average fitness novice to intermediate ability.


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    610 addvance for sure.


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      You didn't mention your weight, but I'd say 6' 10" Addvance too, it's an amazing board. Either that or the Dom.


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        6'3" and 95 kegs

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      Thanks for the replies I'm pretty sure I'm after the 6'10 addvance. Is there any definition on the whole beginner, intermediate experience thing? Cheers afain


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        I ride the 6' 10" at 80kg, I could ride the 6' 6" for sure.

        Not sure about the definition of a beginner / intermediate.

        You've been surfing a long time (i'm a beginner).

        I'd say that if you want to push yourself get a Dom, if you want a safer option get the Addvance.


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          Just another note (not from experience but from reading here)

          The Addvance is a really high volume board and designed to be ridden at high volumes.

          Whereas the with Dominator it's really designed to be ridden at the *correct* volume, so if you go the Dominator route you want to get the sizing right. I'd say a 6' 10" Dominator sounds huge in this respect.


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            What did you go for? :)