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6'10" or 7'2' Addvance

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  • 6'10" or 7'2' Addvance

    Would there really be that much difference between the two.Only a couple of litres of foam,prob a bit more float.Swing weight (length) could have some impact on turns. Come on guys give me something here I'm trying to pull the trigger & get one but for the life on me I can't get my hands on one to demo. It would mainly be used in beach breaks in & around Sydney.I'm 61yo 100kg & been surfing 50 yrs. STC, Samtheman anyone ,got anything here to help. Thanks guys merry xmas.(hope we get some swell soon)

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    Hi there. I had the 702 Addvance enjoyed it so much. Heaps of float and easy to catch waves. It made me wonder if I could drop to a 610, so I took the plunge and got the 610. Absolutely no regrets , still easy to catch waves but a little more manoeuvrable . A really great board, will handle any sort of wave. One suggestion tho, get some quality fins, I use the AM2 for a thruster or Controllers for a quad, made all the difference Oh yes, and I'm virtually the same age and weigh as you Cheers have a good Xmas one and all


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      Thanks for that Sam,So they go alright in quick beachie takeoffs, not just a point cruiser. Do I remember seeing a small video of you on an addvance ( indo), in older posts, if so looked like you were going alright on it. I've got Simon Quads & Sunny G thrustes both glass FCS .If I get one, was thinking I'd try Mr TFX's (twinniw+trailers) if I can find either size addvance in FCS . Hard to find around here at the moment.Thanks.


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        Video clip wasnt me, but i did post some photos a couple of years back of me at Nias.I was on my Dominator.
        Yes the Addvance was fine in beach breaks, I did try the MR TFX but didnt like it, too skatey for me.
        I ended up sticking to the glass AM's or the Quad Controllers,
        I think at our weight you need plenty of fin area, esp if you like to push those bottom turns.
        Play around and see what you like.


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          get a 606!!! i rode a 610 for a few months then decided to go shorter so glad i did... it makes the drops without question... yesterday i surfed Manresa beach break in Santa Cruz county... head high kinda wally/closieouttie the place jacks up quick and late drops are necessary... i made the drops without worries... lotsa stability in this board. i had stretch quads in yesterday but rotate between solus stretch (tri and quad) and controllers.

          Im not very good but have tons-o-fun. newport/hb is my regular surfspot both are punchy beach breaks and my board is mint there. best o luck!


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            6'10 all the way as it will be easier to maneuver and duck dive.