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My Addvance is haunted? I hope!

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  • My Addvance is haunted? I hope!

    So I have an Addvance. 2 sessions ago I come home and lean it up upright against the wall where I usually park it between sessions and I thought I heard it making a weird clicking noise. I blew it off, thinking the noise had to be coming from somewhere else in the house. Last session, same thing. I thought it was weird once again, but again blew it off. Today, I follow the same procedure only I noticed the board felt unusually heavy putting it against the wall, I once again heard the clicking and put my ear to the board. It is definitely coming from the board. Common sense says it's taking on water, but the board was only bought this past May and has no dings whatsoever. I baby this thing. It does have some pressure denting, but I literally just had the wax off and it didn't look bad at all. There is no discoloring anywhere, I lean it up against the wall with a towel under it, and the towel is never unusually wet? wtf? Any ideas? How could I tell if it's taking on water?

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    Remove all the wax and make sure it is completely dried off with a towel. Then set it in the sun, if it has a hole in it, the water will start to bead up on the hole or crack.


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      Thanks JMO, do you think this will still work in NJ in the winter?


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        Get a strong torch and look and also feel for any fractures. If it's on a rail for example you will be able to put your mouth on it and literally suck air/water from the board.


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          You're board will enjoy the Christmas blow job!