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6'6 Addvance vs 6'4 Pnator

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  • 6'6 Addvance vs 6'4 Pnator

    Hi there,

    I am looking to buy my wife a new (surprise) board. She is a beginner, riding small green waves (2-4ft) and going both directions but not really doing turns yet, her dims are 5’4” and 125lbs. When we used to live in Sydney, we went out maybe 2-3 times a month.

    Her old board was some random 6’10 fun shape, not sure how much science went into selecting that one :-). Using the volume calculator, a range of 46-55 litres (beginner) is recommended, but dropping down to 31-38 litres (beginner/intermediate). If comparing this with the short board buyers guide on surfshopsaustralia, it states 38 litres only for a beginner with 125lbs.

    So I am settling for something in the middle (given that she isn’t an absolute beginner), and have now laid eyes on either a 6’6 Addvance or a 6’4 Potatonator, both with 48 litres volume.

    Both boards get a lot of really good reviews, with the Addvance being much closer to her previous board shape and being praised for its versatility. The Potatonator looks amazing, but probably requires a change in riding technique (standing back). On the other hand, the PN might give her more potential to “grow” whereas the Addvance will probably get her wave count up first and be an easy transition (after having not surfed for quite a while).

    I am just confused as on surfshopsaustralia, the Addvance is not being recommended for beginner or intermediates and only being given a 7 for paddle power and 6 for stability while the PN gets 9 for paddling and 8 for stability. On the other hand, the Addvance gets 6 for control while the PN only gets 3.

    I would rate paddle power and stability the most important aspects for her though.

    Reading this (without the reviews) would indicate that the PN is the better beginner/intermediate board, but all the reviews from people coming from fun or long boards which chose the Addvance seem to indicate otherwise.

    I am posting this here as I am still drawn to the Addvance, yet the classifications above confuse me.

    any comments ?

    thx a lot in advance

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    The addvance will allow her to progress more. The PN is going to be far too over volumed in a few months, but the addvance is designed to be ridden effectively with very high volume.


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      Thx for that. this matches with what I read sp far. What about size ? I heard, it is hard to duck dive the Addvance anyway, especially for a girl. But given that I don't have a board right now, I might consider to go for 6'10 so that I could use it as well every once in a while (75kg, 176cm). But only if it doesn't affect the agility for my wife too does add quite some volume, even though it would be the same size as her previous board.


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        why not compromise and go for a 608 addvance (it's a new size just released in the new LFT technology)


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          sounds good but can't find any info about it on the firewire website. any pointers regarding price and availability ?


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            Ok, so I checked with a lot of stores in QLD and Firewire itself, the new LFT boards will only be available by May or so, and there is virtually no stock anywhere (all the retailers are on back order). I have found a store in NSW though which has both 6'6 and 6'10.

            Hence coming back to my question: Will 6'10 be too much of a drag for her to move the board ?

            thanks in advance


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              I think either will work fine for you. Personally I'd opt for the 606

              go feel one up in the store and see how you go.