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  • Slimming Down?

    Hi ADDicts,
    Thanks to this forum I discovered the Addvance and it has been a real pleasure to ride this board as a beginning surfer (started about 4 months ago). My local break is a beach break, generally 2-4(5) ft surf. Iím finding that I have to ride the Addvance very much all the way up to the nose, which makes me wonder if I (5'9";145 lbs) am cruising a little "overfoamed". I'm catching waves rather easily but completing turns is currently more a miss than a hit. What type of hybrid board would you recommend that allows for more performance on these generally mushy waves?

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    What size ADD are you riding? To assist your turns, try getting you back foot all the way back. It's much easier to turn when your foot is over the fins and the narrowest part of the board.


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      Justo, I'm riding a 606. Back foot over the fins works when the wave has adequate push. Often, I have to position my weight very much to the front end of the board in order to catch the wave at all. Hence my thinking that the 48 L had something to do with this but I might just have to up my skill level. Thanks!


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        No disrespect mate but if your 4 months in... then the problem isnt going to be the board. Sure it doesnt turn as well as a HPSB in big swell.. but the addvance is a cracking shape and i myself found it easy to turn a 6'6. Definitely give yourself some time to learn how to get some big turns going.. are you leaning right into your bottom turns to get the speed for your next turn?


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          Keegz, thanks for the reality check!


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            No disrespect intended mate. Keep at it and head up