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what size addvance?

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  • what size addvance?

    hey all, i know this has probably been covered, but i'd like some input before i purchase. i've been surfing for about a year here in oahu. i started with a great longboard (9 x 22.5 x 3) and it's been good to me. i'd like to transition to smaller boards and the addvance looks like a great option. still, it seems like most people wish they went smaller. i'm a 200 pound guy and surf about twice a week at laniakea, tracks, and diamond head. just wanted to get some opinions on size recommendations for a bigger guy like myself.


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    you weigh a lot more than me but I would say the new size (6'8) would be good maybe even the 6'6 if you are planning on keeping the longboard. Someone with more experience and closer to your size could give you better feedback though. friends that weigh from 185-215 love my 6'6.


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      No bigger than 6' 10" these boards have so much float it's crazy.


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        +1 I have the 6'6" and for me it is my longboard. I am 6'1" about 180 lb and this board has so much float. No way that I can duck dive it.