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Addvance at shortboard volume?

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  • Addvance at shortboard volume?

    As soon as the waves co operate I'm going to demo a 6'4 dominator. I was hoping to demo a 6'6 as I'm thinking it's the right volume (45lts) for me, but the shop doesn't have one. At the moment I'm on a 6'10 Spitfire which is way too big.
    I read that the Addvance is designed to be ridden (and is manoeuvrable) at a higher volume. I can demo a 6'6 Addvance so I really just wanted to know if there any reason not to ride one closer to my shortboard volume?
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    what are your stat's? Age, weight, height, surfing experience, waves you're riding? With that info you'll get some better advice.


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      Hi justo

      42, 6'2 and 95 Kg. Intermediate.
      You advised me to try the 6'4 Spit in that section. Can't demo the spit but can get the Dom at 6'4. I spoke to my dealer who thought the Dom was a good idea but also planted the seed with the Addvance but he only has a 6'6.

      The 6'10 Spit I have was a cheap second hand buy. I mainly surf at weekends so my dilemma is do I go with the correct (lower) volume board and scrap with the skinny kids in the line up or go slightly higher volume and get a decent wave count. I've ridden a 6'2 DHD Double Shot at just under 42 lts, so I'm thinking the Dom at 6'4 is going to be awesome, but only if I'm getting my share of waves on it. Decisions!


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        How'd the dhd feel? Did you feel it paddled ok, caught waves etc? The volume is similar to that of the Adam and SF. You'd just need to compare the rocker and width to work out how it might ride waves and catch them.


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          On a cold wet weekday (without work) I had the rarity of an empty line up in fairly good shoulder high conditions. It was a weird feeling board to paddle, not smooth through the water at all. Probably due to the wide, thick middle which foiled and thinned out to the nose quickly. Catching waves was easy enough as they were forming nicely and consistently, and with nobody to share waves with I was able to short paddle/late take off every wave. A crowded line up would have been a different story.
          I didn't really like the feel of the board on the wave. Very skatey and loose and I felt like it was bouncing on top of the water.
          I was drawn to Firewires by the foil and the smoother changes to the thickness of the rails through the to the nose area.

          I suppose a demo (in a crowded line up) is the only way to decide on the right volume.


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            cool, something you'll find with a lot of firewires, is that although they are similar volume to other boards they will engage the wave a bit better. that's because a lot of the foam is taken out of the rails to give a more performance feel. Looking from the tail you can see the thin rails and then the big beefy section under the chest (the domed deck). This will make it easy to paddle and catch waves, yet still perform well on the face of the wave. If you look at the spitfire (from your other thread) it's been taken a step further with the step down rails. It really allows you to sink the tail into the face of the wave to make a powerful turn as well as giving you a bit more grip on a wave with a steep face.

            I think demo the 604 dominator, then you'll be able to make a fairly accurate decision from there.