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  • Foot placement

    Random question.

    I'm trying to work out foot movement / placement, I come from Snow / Skate so think I might be bringing habits over.

    Anyways, on a 6' 10" Addvance, how much if any do you need to move up and down the board when riding a wave, is it never? Is it every wave? Once in a while? Just front foot, or both?

    With regards to placement, is it back foot on the tail pad and front foot in the middle of the board?

    Obviously depends on waves, I see people shuffling around on their Mini Mals etc.

    Would also be interested if this changes for smaller boards, eg Dom 6' 4", 6' Potatonator, 5' 8" Sweet Potato.

    Think i need to get back to basics!

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    hey reserves,

    so i would say anytime you increase the length of a board you increase the likelihood that you would move forwards and backwards on it. With the addvance, keep in mind its still meant to be ridden aggressively so a majority of the time you'll be on the tail of the board where as the sub moon has a little more cruiser in it, allowing for more forward and backward motion on the board.

    its something you would probably have to feel out for yourself and decide when you would be suited by moving a bit here and there. On the other shortboard examples such as the dominator and sweet potato, i would say you would be moving a lot less, kind of set your foot over the trailing fin and go.

    hope this helps a little.


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      Thanks Chris, that's really helpful.

      It certainly feels like I shouldn't be moving much on the 6' 10" Addvance, so good to hear.

      It feels really un-natural for me to move up and down the board, and get a feeling it's not my thing, would rather be riding a board where I can shift my weight.

      Looking forward to getting back in the water.


      • Chris
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        yeah thats a really good thing to notice on your own because it just means you are familiar with the board. obviously all of us get up a little forward on maybe late drops where we set a line before dropping in or to get added drive maybe at the bottom go the wave or in a barrel, but in an ideal environment, the driver's seat is squarely over the fins.


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      Interesting video, this guy has his front foot way back!

      This is a 6' 10 too


      • Chris
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        yeah again the back foot is where you are going to get the control and performance.

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      I've defo been riding with my front foot WAYY too far forward on the Addvance