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  • Addvance LFT

    Has anyone out there got one yet? Got a ride report? Good/ok? same same but different?

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    C'mon Chris havn't you guys got somehing!!!!


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      yeah they are out there! i don't ride the addvance but everything i have gathered is they feel great, thought of all the LFT boards, due to its thickness, the change in flex is a little less noticeable. So take a Hellrazor in RF and compare it to the Hellrazor in LFT and you'll feel the flex difference, a touch more stiffness and more positive life coming out of a bottom turn. The addvance being beefy masks this a little bit, but the shape is a winner, and it has a proven track record of being loved. I would say in steeper waves with a stronger surfer, the LFT addvance is going to crank out of turns with a little more pep!

      cheers and hope this helps.


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        Ok thanks


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          I just treated myself to a shiny new 6'8" LFT Addvance, my first board. Got out on it yesterday in crappy surf, mostly paddling around.
          Today looks better, we'll see.