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Sizing 220lb bloke

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  • Sizing 220lb bloke

    Hi all. I'm 215-220lb, currently surfing a 606 unibrow. I want a board for weekend crowded surf, small surf, choppy surf, or just days I'm feeling lazy up to a foot or two overhead. I'm comparing with a 510 or 600 retro foil quad fish, 610 addvance, 604 double agent. I want it to paddle in easily, flow down the line, and just be fun in anything.

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    Or should I be looking at different sizes of each?


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      Hey Justo,

      I can only talk of my experience with my 6' 10", the thing is HUGE, I mean it's totally great board and I love it.

      It turns great but you sit really high on the wave when riding and it's definitely more of lazy surf type board.

      If you can ride a 606 Unibrow then you can ride a 6' 6" easy I think, depends on what you want I guess.

      I'm considering selling my 6' 10" to go down to a 6' 6" but not sure the extra cost is worth it.



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        Maybe one of the new 608 models then? I want effortless wave catching from way out back with the logs.


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          I'm 185lbs and i catch waves effortlessly on the 6' 10" if that helps?


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            Ok cool. I'll look for a 610.