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What's next after 7'6" addvance?

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  • What's next after 7'6" addvance?

    I'm 6'6" 215, I started on a 10'2", then stepped down to the 7'6" advance. I'm now comfortable on the addvance, but it seems to be more of a cruiser, seems difficult to get any tight turns, but I probably have more to learn. I want to get down to something I can duck dive but still catch 2 to 5+ surf with. There is a 6'8" and a 6'10" dominator available locally, would either of those be good? What should I go for?

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    Hey, seems like the Dominator gets touted around as the next board after the Addvance, i have both, haven't got to ride the Dom yet much but had a paddle around, it's a different experience for sure but sounds like where you are heading. As for sizing I don't know about that but people seem to say it's important to get the sizing right. The 7' 6" Addvance is still a pretty big board but thye are designed to be ridden at high voume, where the Dom is supposed to be ridden at the 'correct' volume.

    Can you demo any of the boards?


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      My thought would be the 6' 8' dominator. Would still give you plenty of float. (50 l). The 6'10" probably won't push you enough outside your comfort zone. As reserves says try and find a demo board to see how it feels.


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        I'm going to say 6'6" Addvance or 6'10" if the size drop is daunting for you..
        I've ridden the larger dominators back to back with a 6'6" addvance and preferred the 6'6" addvance.
        It will turn really well due to it's narrow-ish tail and will still run over flat sections due to its width under the front foot.