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alternator 6'2 what fcs fins

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  • alternator 6'2 what fcs fins

    Hi there,
    I just bought an alternator 6'2 to compliment my 5'10 spitfire.Does anyone know what fcs fins work better with the alternator.I'm 5'10 tall and 177 lbs.

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    Where are you based? I always recommend the Soar DL Powerbase fins for an all round FCS set.


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      I'm based in Greece..The waves some times does get big but not so powerfull as In your place I think.Are the Soar DL Powerfins much different from the pc5?


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        I'm not 100% as I don't have PC5s anymore to compare to. I find the DL to be a very efficient and neutral template that works in all conditions. Because of the powerbase design you had a lot of base stiffness for drive and the armour construction offers a nice flex in the tip for release through turns.

        The other template I'd always recommend is the K2.1 setup if you want a very pivoty ride for the tightest turns and tail slides etc.