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  • alternator...underrated?

    Here is a photo of the new sleds that arrived a few weeks ago! Thought i give some feedback on both of them!! The Alternator is a 6'0 and absolutely flys! I think the slightly extra bit of foam and flatter rocker are suited to the waves down here in Vicco! Ive noticed that it has soo much drive off the bottom, and speed through turns, which def helps!! I also dont know why more people dont froth on the alternator? I havent surfed any of the newer models but does anyone agree with me when i say that such a solid all-rounder is almost forgotten amongst the more progressive new models?

    The other sled is the 5'6 potatonator, and it is a massive improvement from my 76 peter sheely twin! Ive only had one good session on it with a small 1-2ft shifting beachy. It was strange at first to have so much foam and width under my back foot, but after a a while it was a godsend to get soo much drive and speed from an otherwise powerless wave. I think it has the perfect mix of surfability and fun...perfect for those days where you would usually struggle, and constantly miss sections and never quite get enough speed! everyone should have one!

    Keep up the topics lads! The forum was such a good place to get information on everything firewire!

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    That Potatonator looks great with the black stripe - did you add this yourself? looks sick!

    not sure the teddy bear is too happy about being ditched for the surfboards though!


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      haha its not mine i swear.... that my sisters old room and now the boardroom...! Nah it's the white rapidfire...!


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        Oh sure it's not...ha!

        the white rapid fire looks great.


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          The Alternator is definitely my favourite board in the range. It hits all the right notes for me as an everyday decent to good wave board.

          My thing is I vary in weight quite a deal. I work full time, do post grad study and have a family. While I'm studying I indulge in chocolate biscuits and pretty much only surf weekends. Consequently I put on weight and need boards with a tad extra foam (the Dom and Alt). When I get back into surfing most days the extra 5 or so kilos quickly drop off, and I need less volume. The Futura is great but I wanted basically a smaller Alt with less volume but carrying a tad more width than the stock 6'6". So I've ordered the Quadrafive - basically I'm looking to replicate the feel of the Alt and I understand that board is an extremely close relative of the Alt. The point of this long winded story is I like the Alt so much I chose a second one based on it being really close to the Alt.

          It's not going to be for everyone but I find it hard to believe that for the average everyday competent surfer the Alt shouldn't be right up there in their list of boards to consider as a short board.


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            Yeah i agree. It is definitely a board that people considering an allround short board should look at, mixed with a wide fat funboard i.e. any of the 'potato' series, you would be laughing in most conditions! I just hope that it stays on as a model and doesnt get left behind in the wake of the Hellrazor or chubbie..!


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              There'll always be a place for this sort of board, I have 1 and I have another that is very similar the Aloha AF2. Hard to say it would get left behind but I suppose if they stop selling then they will get cut from the range - just like any other product line in any other business. Somehow, for the moment I think plenty of people still trust in the thruster squash tail and so they'll keep buying them.


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                nicbroomy, what size potatonator did you get? I just picked up an Alternator and have not had it out in good surf yet. Been kinda distracted with my the Hellfire.
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                  I picked up a 5'6 with the potatonator, which I was almost a little worried about, even know the volume was fine according to firewires secret formula! But it is amazing! Ive had quite a few surfs on it now on the back-end of dying swells and it has the unique ability to make waves look better than they are...which leads to guys coming out on their high performance boards and stuggle to even take off! i would even consider going smaller, but the 5'6 for me has enough paddle power to be non stop from wave start to stop! I gave my mate a few waves on it ( he was very skeptical about its hold when you push it) and he was pleasantly surprised!

                  I have noticed that the alternator will go better in better waves and the harder you push it thankyou high tech flex i think!!! Hwork50 just get on it! Its amazing!


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                    I know, I know. I got distracted with a great deal on an ADDVance. Trust me, I will have a potatonator soon enough. Just saving and buying some time. Great to hear as I am stoked for you! Gotta love getting a new board!!