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Alternator vs Merrick Flyer 2 crossover?

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  • Alternator vs Merrick Flyer 2 crossover?

    Anyone surf both?

    Do you think these boards are too similar? If you're surfing the flyer 2 as your go-to board do you think there's a time when you would want to break out the alternator because the conditions warrant it? i've found the flyer 2 to feel a little more forgiving in spring slop and am wondering if there's any reason to keep the alt for the fall

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    I'm not too clued up on the Flyer II but I think you'd ride it shorter and wider than the Alt, right? The Alt would be a better board for good waves with the Flyer II having more bottom end I reckon.


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      the flyer 2 is just a longer skinnier flyer made for slightly bigger waves. so i ride the flyer 2 and alt in the same approximate dims. 6'8 20 1/4, 2 3/4 alt, 6'8 20 3/4 2 3/4 flyer. flyer feels more forgiving in chop for sure. don't know if it's the single to double concave vs the alt's single concave, the lower tail rocker or the extra 1/2 " width but it definitely feels more stable on questionable drops in junky crossed up beach breaks. wondering if the there's a reason the alt might feel better when fall glass arrives :)


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        Being narrower, with the straight single concave and more rocker it'll be more precise and high performance when the waves have some juice for sure. Whether its different enough in the long run you'll have to decide.