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alternator vs quardafive

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  • alternator vs quardafive

    I am torn between the two models Q5 and Alt. doesnt really seem like you can go wrong with either of the choices but i was wondering if someone has any in put on what would be a better choice to compliment a Dom. for waves with a bit more punch. as for me 6'3 195 lb. average/above average surfer HB newport local. i love the dom for dumpy stuff but really want something to attack the lip. thanks

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    I own both an Alt and Q5. I also own a Dom. I'm 47 yoa and around 200lbs.

    I can't honestly discern an awful lot of difference in performance terms between them; they seem to surf much the same. They do look different aside from the obvious ways in that the Alt carries its thickness more out to the rails, whereas the Q5 tapers more leaving more refined rails. The Q5 is wider in the tail than the Alt, but not by much.

    I reckon either is a great step up from a Dom with minimum transition issues. I'd choose based on the model with the volume closest to your optimum.


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      thanks buzz that was extremely helpful. i really want to stay at a 34 volume and the alt is precisely that while the Q5 is slightly thinner but appears to have a slightly wider outline. my question to you is do you notice the slight volume difference if the boards are at the same size? if so in what way
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        It's a bit theoretical as my Alt is 6'8" and my Q5 6'6". The Alt suited me at 93-96kg, but the Q5 better at my present 88-91kg. When in the right weight range for the board they really do surf much the same - precise, good drive, great "twang" out of turns. Maybe...maaaaayyyybeee...the Q5 carves on the face a touch better and maybe...maaayyybbbeee the Alt is better into and through the lip, but I reckon the moves I have in mind are more about the waves I was surfing and the way I was performing that day.

        I really do see the Alt and Q5 as interchangeable. If I dropped a touch more weight or was a touch fitter I'd drop to a 6'6" Alt no drama, much as I think the Q5 is a fantastic board.

        The one plus of the Q5 is its 5 fin set up, which is lost on me though as I surf thruster set up almost all the time.