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Alternator or Flexfire and 2 board quiver

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    i could be over doing the foam in the dont go by what i'm doing until i report my findings...i probably should be on the thinner MB but too pumped for a HP shorty to wait...!!...for reference on the 604 alternator, when my weight dips to 90 and under, it is way too much foam for that shape..(for me)...needs to be anchored into the face...


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      As for the small wave board I can say that on the stuff we get in BC/WA/OR the El Fuego is a fantastic choice. I have spoken to a few others on Dominators and they all love them too. Waves here can get really fat (as you know) and the EF has a magic ability to get into waves that would normally push you out the back. I have not surfed either an Alt, MB, or Hellrazor (which might be worth looking at in your case), but I can see myself on either an Alt or a Hellrazor in those rare days or spots that it gets hollow or steep.

      Of course, Indo waves are a whole 'nother thing.


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        Just thought I'd pass some recent feedback. I have a 6'8" Alt @200lbs. It's probably 2 inches Longer than ideal now that my surf fitness is back, but it's eminently surfable. Took it out this morning @ 4-5 foot (8-10 foot faces) and it was absolutely fine. No popping of fins or sliding. No weirdness. Just a good, solid board for good solid surf. I just make these observations as I'd surf the Dom 90% of the time - it doesn't get overhead+ all that often.


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          Thanks for the feedback and Chris' help. Kept it somewhat safe on the decision but 6'0" Dom and 6'4" Alt coming.

          Awesome having Chris as a representative of Firewire participating on the Forum, even if it is a Firewire produced forum. I'm more involved on certain skiing and biking forums and I think it pays off HUGE whenever a company has a representative/owner participating in the discussions and giving/receiving feedback.


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            stoked to have your support Rob, thanks very much!

            let us know how they work for you!