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    Ive been riding a 5'10 hellfire I'm about 5'10 170 above average surfer.. Board seems about perfect for me.. I was looking at adding a 6.0 altinator for bigger more hollow steep surf.. Any1 use the alt as a step up?? Was wondering how awkward the transition between the 2 boards feel and if stepping up 2 inches to make up for the narrowness and less volume should b enuff.. How the alt surf in waist to overhead surf? I'll b spending a lot of time in central America this year and presently I'm living on the u.s east coast.. Was thinkn of a 3 board quiver with a bp the hf and the alt.. I don't want the boards to feel insanely different wen I step up or down. I also wonder if having the bp for anything ankle to knee high if I'll find no use for the hf with the alt? Preciate the help.

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    I'd say there isn't going to be a huge difference in ideal wave range between the. 6'0 Alt and 5'10 HF. Both would be capable in fairly solid stuff but the main difference will be in how they feel and ride. The more predictable and dependable shortboard feel could be all you're looking for in those conditions though. I know Chris uses a 6'2 round tail Alt as a step up, especially in Maine so is def consider that one. It'll be a good paddler with plenty of control.


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      look at a hellrazor or flexy or profilev1 for bigger and more hollow... razor will be the easiest to step onto.... hellfire has a nice bitey rail and you want at least as much of that in bigger hollower stuff.. razor and flexy for that... and profile... the alt (great board btw) is a bit thicker softer edged and puts a fait bit of it in the water which is not the first choice when bigger and suckier... the round tail would be the better choice if you get the alt... that particular hellfire with futures sa3's in it..or equivalent in twin tab, will handle most waves you care to drop into... i've ridden mine in serious scary stuff... rarely bothered with other boards... its only shelved now while i play with the new shapes... but the 510 hf even at 6ft and 90kg is all i need in 1 foot up to ugly stuff.. :)


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        Another vote for the razor, I have one. I have a hellfire too. The razor is something special; more refined rails, feels and surfs like a shortboard more so than the HF but is still as fast and manoeuvreable (with slight tweaking of fins over the HF). I ride the HF as a quad but I ride my HZ as a thruster, it seems to suit the narrower tail better and loosens it to the same level as the HF. I have ridden it in double overhead it drops in nicely. I find the HF just a bit skatey as a quad and always planned to try it as a thruster next time it was double overhead but then I got the hellrazor. The razor handles bigger and hollower waves better than the HF.

        I bought an alt for solid surf and while it goes fine it doesn't have the same magic for me that the hellrazor has.