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6'2 Alt at 85 KG?

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  • 6'2 Alt at 85 KG?

    Hi all

    Just wondered if anyone around my weight/height rides a 6'2 Alt? Im 85KG Currently and 6'3. I already have a 6'5 HZ which I find great, easy enough to paddle and catch waves etc. Ive only been surfing nearly 3 years but am very fit.

    Ideally I would like to drop to a 6'3 HZ at 31.3L but just dont have the cash to buy a brand new board and havnt seen any second hand ones for sale in NZ

    There are a couple of 6'2 Alts however, which are identical volume going for reasonable money. Im just a little concerned that the extra surface area of the HZ probably makes it a slightly better paddler and I may struggle a little too much with the Alt??

    Any advice greatly appreciated, also any performance comparisons


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    The Alt is a super forgiving HPSB. If the volume suits you, go for it!


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      I had a 602 alt round tail which was way over volumed for me but it still surfed really well. I think the 602 was 19 wide which is wide for a short board. The extra with makes it more stable which also helps with paddle power more so than volume. I say get one great all round board.