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Alternator with TimberTEK?

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  • Alternator with TimberTEK?

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post on the forum. I'm pretty interested in the Alternator and I'ld like to order it soon. But a question was in my mind since few days: Is there going to be a TimberTek release later? I'm not in a hurry to buy it, and I could defenitively wait few weeks more to have one with that tech...

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    I in no way speak on firewires behalf, but I can't see it happening in the next few weeks, especially for an "older" model. If you want the look, go for the rapid fire, if you want the durability go for the FST.

    If you're set on TT construction, you could look at a similarish board in the unibrow... more hybrid than shortboard, but will work in a similar wave range...

    good luck


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      Well it's maybe an old model but there is nothing to change to such a classic shape ;) Actually you even can have it with the white rapide fire too... If I want it in TT it's because i'm more a snowboarder thant a surfer, and when I read Paulownia wood I know it's durable and snappy.

      The Unibrow is too wide for me, I already surf a T&C MF2 and i want a performance shortboard for French beachbreaks.


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        I think the new hellrazor Nev is planing may be available in TT but not any time soon. Go a Unibrow I am sure it won't disappoint. Just read what the guys on the forum are saying.


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          Is that HZ def happening? Should just CBD it and guys can go shorter/wider or longer/narrower as they see fit!

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        aureljax if TT becomes very successful i wouldn't be surprise if FW makes most boards in TT. Older boards would probably be pre-orders.