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    Here are some pointers you would like to know about a high performance board. I am 6ft and 85kg. I am a high performance surfer and surf cold water with beach breaks and reef. I surf the 6'2 Altinator. It's is a super high performance all rounder for slightly bigger surfers that don't want to go to long with there board's to get the needed vol. The meet is hidden away very well and the board paddles well without being to bulky. I find it to have quite resposive rails but still stays stable in more powerful waves. Fast, even in small waves. This board go's top to bottom lightning fast and tight in the pocket. Make sure you have the right fins to get the right pivot turning point. My normal big Am style fins made the board turn bit to far on the rail. I put a slightly smaller back fin in and whala.. For very high speed point breaks it pushes back a bit in the pocket (what makes it perform so well in softer waves to). The round tail option would be the answer if you surf more points breaks, to get that tighter pivot in the pocket. The round tail also likes flowing power turns. Whould be great to be able to have both the round and bump squash tail. Now I only wish they would make a step up model.