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Which board/size is right for me?

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  • Which board/size is right for me?

    A little history before my questions. I am a 30 yr old intermediate/advanced surfer from Charleston, SC. I’m 6’3” and weigh appx. 180lbs; I’ve been surfing for 20 years. I have a long board (9ft) and a short board (6’ 4” X 18”X 2.25”). Usually the waves in Charleston are weak wind swells averaging 1-3ft. However, about 10- 15 days a year we will get good ground swell from hurricanes, but then, the waves are still only head high at most.
    I am looking for a short board that I can ride most of the year.

    Will I be able to ride the BP or SP consistently on 1-3 ft waves? What about larger waves? Is the BP a better option if I want a little more performance? What about size selection? Lastly, fin suggestions.

    Sorry for the rapid fire questions, but I have not purchased a board in many years and I want to make the right decision.

    Thanks for everyone’s help.

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    If you want an all rounded the Potatonator in the 508 to 510 range would be a good bet. If you want something primarily for small stuff the Baked Potato will go crazy. 505 - 507 range. If you want something more for the upper range to replace your shortboard I'd look more at the Hellfire or Mini Driver in the 600 range or if you're in no rush wait for the Unibrow coming towards the beginning of next year.


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      yeah i agree with PRJ here.

      The big thing for you to do is try to identify what genre of board you want. Total small wave board or something a little bit better?

      If total small wave board, then go with a Potato. If you want a little more of an all arounder, go Potatonator.



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        Thanks for the input. I am leaning toward the BP because I will still have my short board for the hurricane swells.

        At 6'3" 180, would a 509 BP be too much board? pjrwebb suggested a 505 - 507, I know the BP has a lot of volume, but I have never ridden a board even close to a 507. That's 8" shorter than me.



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          The bigger you go the more unstable it will be in more powerful surf but it will deal with the crappiest days more easily. My Sweet Potato is 10" shorter than me so it's do-able. but being on something you're comfortable with if far more important than going as small as possible.


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            I'm looking at a Baked in either 5'5 or 5'7, the 5'5 at 36lt seems the perfect amount of volume for me as I currently stepping up in size from my 5'8 PN to a 5'10 PN or 6'0 SP

            The 5'7 at 40lts seems like tons of float to me, its a massive change!

            Will be using it in small knee high up to waist/gut high waves, mostly slack wind swell

            Any feedback will be great