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    Originally posted by nsjoel808 View Post
    thanks for the info and vid hi boi hows that 5''8 spitfire? i wanna get one of those too... one day
    nsjoel, i only use it when it's 3ft+ (HAYN). It is fast and responsive! It feels like my rail is more in the water as compared to Dom or Pnator. Since I only surf town now, my Sweet Spud gets all the attention haha :D I definitely recommend the spit though. Timmy Reyes likes it too... Hellfire is another good board to look at.
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      haha na, idk anything but what i have grown up with.... we trunk it everyday! unless its N wind then might wear a top. hiboi have you got to ride a smaller 5'0 or 5'1? im wondering how they would handle. I plan on getting a 6'1 or 5'11 razor, spit 5'6, then 5'1 baked by end of spring. sound right?


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        @everyone, I usually say "trunks" when speaking to someone not from Hawaii haha. Other than that, it's called boardshorts in the 808 state! :D

        @ nsjoel808, sorry, just saw this post now. I think the Firewire Forum admins need to make it easier to alert someone of a new post to a thread (e.g., when a username is mentioned, an email is sent).

        Anyways, I rode the 5'3 baked and it was super fun. It still was enough volume. My sweet is 5'4 and floats me real good. I went into Rip Curl Ala Moana the other week and the 5'1 looked sick. You are right that the size difference between the 5'1 and 5'3 is huge. I want to get the 5'1 but i'm worried I won't be able use it on the days I need to grovel. Also, I'm kinda set on the volume ranges of 30L to 32L. If you get a chance to ride the 5'1, let me know how it is!

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