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Another BP size question, please help!

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  • Another BP size question, please help!

    Getting ready to snag my first firewire board and am pretty set on the baked potato. Now just to figure out size! I am 6'5" 100kg(220lbs) inter/adv surfer in good shape. I live in South Carolina and will be using the board all round for basically anything we get here with the exception of hurricane swells. As per the volume calculator my upper end volume number is 38L. That equates to 5'7" BP, which I am afraid is going to be too short for myself. I am, at the moment between the 5'9" (43.6L) and the 5'11" (47.3L). A little nervous about the 5'9" with my height. was wondering if there were any other giraffes on here riding the BP that have any input?


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    I'm riding a Sweet Potato 10 or 11 inches below my height if that's of any help.


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      At your size, i don't have any doubt that you would be able to ride the 507 or the 509. Bigger folks have the advantage of being able to use their weight and length to throw around boards of a higher volume. especially living on the EC and having lots of days with little lapping beach break waves, the added volume of the 507 will definitely play into your favor. Keep in mind, riding a 507 baked potato is a lot like riding 601 or 602 Quadfish. Without having the swallow tail, you are able to get your front foot all the back on the tail, which puts a lot more board out in front of your leading foot.

      It takes some getting used to, but once you have the mechanics and foot placement down, you'll be amazed at how comfortably the board rides at that length.

      Cheers and hope this helps.


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        I am also from SC!
        I ride 507 BP. I’m 6’3” 180lbs and intermediate level. I could probably go smaller, but I am using it for all of the super weak wind swells that we get. Since most of our swell periods are 6 to 8 seconds, I felt going a size up would be better. The board doesn’t feel too big and I can catch anything. I’ve only surfed it once in waves up to chest high and it performed great. Couldn’t be happier with the size. Also, 507 is the size the volume calculator recommended.
        Hope this helps.


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          Cheers fellas, 5'9" is ordered. Hopefully let y'all know how she goes here soon.