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Baked Potato TG size and fins....

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    maxcap, def not any bigger, if anything maybe an inch shorter, like a 5'0". I know the BP doesn't come in that size but my reason to maybe go shorter is mainly due to the fact that I previously owned a 5'0" SP & a 5'2" SP. The 5'2" SP had too much volume & was more challenging to feel the wave as it sat to high up on the surface due to the extra float. The 5'0" SP was better in volume for my stats & the shortness in length of the board. It sat in the wave better & was much more lively than the 5'2" SP.
    The 5'1" BP is right in the middle & is the better board performance wise in the conditions that one would use either the SP or BP in.
    Hope that helps!


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      Thanks megsy, that is what I wanted to know.
      Most likely I'll go for the 5'3''.

      Thanks guys