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Entire Quiver Stolen - Time to Rebuild

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  • Entire Quiver Stolen - Time to Rebuild

    Long story short... My name is Danny. I was VERY active in the old Firewire forum. My account disappeared so I guess this is a new forum so I signed up again. Did all the old threads get deleted? Surprised my old username was available. But here I am.

    Anyway, some lowlife stole my entire quiver (of 3 boards). Broke into my garage and took them all. My old friends from the old forum, Dave (Core) and Iggy have been following the story. They know how pissed I am right now.

    Anyway, I'm boardless and I have to rebuild. Summer's coming so I'm going to start with the groveler.

    Now, here's the deal, I LOVED my 5'6" FW Retro Quadfish. Absolutely LOVED it. So I was thinking of simply replacing it with another. However, there's the temptation of trying something new. So I'm considering the Baked Potato.

    Note, I have yet to ride a Sweet Potato or a Potato-nator. But the Sweet Potato seems overly fat and the Potato-nator too much like a Dominator - which I intend to replace (my medium surf board was a Spitfire that got stolen too). So what I'm looking to start with is the tiny wave board.

    So here's the bottom line... I'm considering a Baked Potato in that new Techograin stuff. If I used to love my 5'6" Fat Quadfish which was 34.6 Litres and I considered it perfect for me, which Baked Potato is right for me? The 5'3" at 32.4L or the 5'5" at 36L? I'm leaning towards 5'5".

    Here are some important details:

    Me: 170lbs.

    My perfect tiny wave board is 5'6" - 34.6 Litres
    My perfect Dominator and Spitfire is: 5' 8" - 31 Litres
    My perfect small wave performance board (Stealth, SDII, Alternator) is: 6'0" - 30 Litres
    My perfect high performance shortboard (Flexfire) is: 6'2" 28.5 Litres

    That should get this started. I surf the crappy mushy waves of San Diego. :)

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    Welcome back Danny!
    I'd go with the Baked for sure. The Sweet Potato is stupidly good fun and much more performance capable than the retro fish but still super good on small waves. The Baked is just a little more refined so sounds like it's what you're after is the Sweet seemed a little fat. The 5'5 will probably feel pretty huge though. I'd go with the Timbertek (Technograin) too.

    That's shit about your boards getting stolen...


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      Hi Phill, if I remember correctly from our previous conversations, you've surfed the retro fish before, eh? And you're telling me the Sweet Potato is way more capable than it? So, then the Baked is even better then?

      I ask because like I said above, the Quadfish was the best tiny wave board I've owned (but like I said, never ridden any taters).

      Keep in mind, In waist to chest high surf I used to ride my Spitfire mostly. The Fish or Potato would be for when it's smaller, or I just happen to bring it out on a chest high day. The Retro Fish would work wonders for me even in head high Swamis mush sometimes. Always made me smile.

      About my stolen boards... Yes it sucks! I'm looking at an insurance check coming, but I'll still be down a $1,000 deductible. Plus, I was HAPPY with my boards and loved them. I would rather still have them and THEN buy a Potato anyway. Plus, one of the boards I hadn't even surfed yet :(


      • Phill
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        I've ridden the HP quad fish and the Sweet Potato is more capable than that so I imagine it would crush the retro in performance. Knee to chest high its fantastic, bigger if its mushy and slow.
        The Baked might have a little less bottom end that the SP but more control in the top end.

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      On another note. How is it you have 2662 posts and I have "1"? Did all the data from the old forum get deleted and everyone start over?


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        Hi, Danny. Welcome back. Yeah, my account was erased too. We used to discuss fins and quadfishes all the time. My user name was back then was "kurt" I think. Anyway, my Sweet Potatoes (5'4" and 5'2") and Baked Potato (5'3") have made me forget my many quadfishes. Those boards are pretty much obsolete at this point. The BP is super fast and loose. You won't miss the quadfish. Sorry about your quiver though. That stinks.
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          Hi! It's great to be back. Even under the unfortunate circumstances. Yes, I remember you. Great to hear from you. Still would like to talk to Chris, Nev, Chuy, Mark and all the guys from back when I was here everyday. I just nudged Iggy and Core.

          Sounds like I'm on the right path. As sad as I am about my boards, I'm excited to try new things.

          I haven't been too far. Thing is, 2 years ago I started a side business. That and my full time job were consuming ALL my time. I had to put surfing on the shelf for over a year. Things are a little more stable now and I've been surfing about once every 2 weeks. But I'm looking forward to surfing a couple times a week like I used to.

          ​I gotta get the Baked Potato size correct though. I do like buoyant boards and I tend to ride boards a tad more floaty than the guy next to me that weighs the same. (170lbs)

          I have buddies that are always going for the smallest board they can ride. Yeah, makes them easier to rip, but I always catch twice as many waves as they do. They are on a shortboard and I'm on my old Spitfire. They are on a Spitfire and I'm on the Retro Fish.

          That's sort of why I'm leaning toward the 5'5" Baked Potato. But these boards seem to have the foam more condensed towards the middle, since they are even stubbier and wider than the Retro Quadfish, so the 5'3" might do well.

          Also, can somebody please nudge Chris to see if he can located a 5'3" & 5"5' TechoRaverTimber Baked Potater in FCS. Dang all I can find around here is Futures. I'm in North San Diego by the way.


          • Phill
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            Could be worth shooting Chris an email I know he's back in the NE for the time being without as much free time to monitor the forum.
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          5'5" should be the call, Danny. I'm fine with my 5'3", and I'm a lot lighter, albeit older, than you. Have fun re-assembling!


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            Hey Danny welcome back! Happy to see you back in the forum despite the circumstances.some say after something bad something good comes out. Hope the catch the desgraciados who are ruining your neighbourgh's garages. I did own a HP quadfish a few years back and the baked potato is going to be zillion times more fun keeping the small wave catchability...ridiculously fun!. Can't remember how long ago were you inactive but at some point the forum changed and we all had to "renew" our accounts, so it could be normal that the posts got erased as well.


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              By the way,loving the new forum look!!


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                i jam the 5'7 and got 20lbs on u.


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                  chuck those fish away kite..!! baked spud, spit, razor... that'll cover ya around there... but then there is sooooooooooooooo much choice in the range now..!! actually.. scrap that... baked and vanguard...!!


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                    of course i'm obliged, as regular viewers will know, to say HELLFIRE HELLFIRE HELLFIRE :)


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                      Yeah but throw in there FUTURES!!!


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                        Ha. Look, I'm sold. Baked Potato over Retro Fish for the first board. I'll take care of the next board after I'm riding this one for a week or two. Plus, this one's coming fully out of pocket. No insurance… yet at least.

                        I need to finalize the decision.

                        5'3" or 5'5" ? I'm 75% sure I'm going 5'5". If it were the exact same volume as the Retro Fish (34L) I'd be 100% sure on the 5'5". But the 5'5" is a little more and the 5'3" is a little less. Given the volume is even more condensed towards the center, it concerns me a little.

                        Can any of you guys email me Chris' email? There was another guy who helped me locate my Spitfire back a few years ago. Can't remember his name. I basically need someone to tell me if there is stock of a 5'5" or 5'3" Wood Baked Potato with FCS in San Diego somewhere. Chuy maybe?

                        Sorry, Iggy. No Futures. I have a good connection with FCS and a nice fin collection. My only set of Futures was the one stolen with the Spitfire.


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                          such a bummer kite. hit me up via email. i'll help you out a bit here.


                          • kiteboarder
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                            Hi Chris, long time no talk. Email sent. :)