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Expanding from 508 SF to 501 BP and 508 HF OR 508/9/10 CC

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  • Expanding from 508 SF to 501 BP and 508 HF OR 508/9/10 CC

    Hey guys and gals.

    I posted a while ago in the BP and HF forums trying to work out what boards and sizes to move on to from my 508 spitfire.

    Iv still been riding this board and it goes great, i love it. However i still feel its a jack of all king of none... And at 31L it is way more a grovellor.

    Iv had it out in a range of surf since i last posted and i think i will keep it as my grovel board and get either a HF 508 or a CC 508/9/10 then eventualy replace the SF...

    The 508 spit goes in anything i can go out in 1fters and score tons of waves... But if it gets big/sucky/hollow it doesnt cope, its too shady on the critical drop ins and just feels corky and overly chunky...

    I was pretty set on getting a 508 hellfire but have seen the CC and think it looks like a really good shape...

    So i suppose really i want to know:

    How would the HF and CC compare?

    What size CC? (5'7 ~70kgs 25years fit beginner/intermediate for sucky hollow GC points and sandbar beachies)

    Which would compliment my chunky spitfire groveler more and my end game 501 baked potato more...? any other suggestions for grovel board/2 board quiver also welcome! 504 potatonator?!

    How would a 501 29.3L BP compare to a 508 31L spit for grovelability, feel and perfomance?


    EDIT: Looked in a few shops on the GC this weekend, the CC really does just look like a great shape too me... I was also attracted to the JR cousin it... oh and the timbertek boards look SICK

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    The HF might be better for Hollow waves with the diamond tail and Defo he 508. Also look at a mini driver I ride a 510 and am the same weight but a fair bit older and carrying a shoulder injury. I would love a 509 in the md but don't find the 510 too big.


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      Cheers pm,

      i demoed a 5'9 c chedda and i loved it, they offered me the as new demo board for a sweet price so im gonna go with that! surfed it in pretty hollow and punchy 4ft and it went great, i suppose for anythign more id get a true step up but i loved the relatively mellow nose rocker and bottom contours into a whippy little tail on this board!

      still havent tried a hf or md but they look sweet too, so many sick boards!


      • #4 70kg, you should have no problem groveling on the Baked. The volume is distributed differently on Baked than Spit. The Baked is short and's made for small waves.

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          short and fat like me, a match made in heaven :) thanks for the replies very helpful (your other post too - i have spread myself all over the forums of late haha)! i have my 509 chubby chedda now and cant wait to get a 501 baked potato!!!


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            @Nelson...awesome! I'm waiting for my 503 still!