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Oh how I love thee, lemme count the way(v)s...

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  • Oh how I love thee, lemme count the way(v)s...

    ... wow did I do well down sizing to 5'5"or what!!! I really love that board and sure looks purdy with the RF.

    I honestly feel very comfy on over head waves with such a board. Think I caught some 10' faces this past weekend, thing was like a rocket, made my surfing look wayyy better then it really was.

    Although I have yet to test it in mushy long board waves but my previous 5'7" did well so we shall see.

    I totally understand what you all mean by too much foam. I think its something you have to experience to really understand.

    For my skill level/shape the 5'5" is perfect.

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    @aufalien, everyone trips out on the size. I was hesitant at first too. Nowadays I use the volume and thickness as my deciding factors. POTATOES = PURE STOKE!! :D