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Which board will compliment my Baked potato?

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  • Which board will compliment my Baked potato?

    Looking for a 2 board quiver. Which other board should I get to compliment my 5.9 baked potato(big i know) when the waves get a little bigger? A spitfire or Unibrow? Im am 46 years young and 86 kilos living in the uk. Loving the baked by the way. It catches anything.

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    I think the baked and Unibrow would have you covered for about anything the uk would throw at you, before a step up was needed at least ..


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      How do you find the Baked at 5' 9" in UK waves?


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        Hi Reserves, I am loving the baked. Use it in knee to head high and I'm amazed how it goes. But it also goes in such a responsive way for a fat board and seems to grip real well when you need it. Used to ride a gulfstream quad- nice board but this is way more fun. I have a couple more boards but always seem to be on this now, so these are going. Just looking for a board for when its Head high or over now. Might go For the Uni as Phill Suggested. I'm surfing in north Devon, so it's not the fastest of waves I'm riding. Only fault I can find is that it doesn't seem to like a lot of chop/wind. Is that because its soo light?


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          I forgot to say 5.9 feels big and could easily drop down but I'm usually in slow waves so its nice to have the float. I do often wonder how a 5.7 or 5.5 would feel though!!


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            I've no experience with a Unibrow, so can't comment. There are 3 boards that I have ridden that I think would fill the spot. Hellfire, Hellrazor and Jacknife.

            Inspite of the Jacknife's width in the planshape and some fullness in the nose, the rails are really refined and it feels very solid and predictable with plenty of drive and hold. With the right fins you can make this board quite loose. It has a slightly more front footed feel but not that much. I replaced mine with a Hellrazor after I snapped it - next summer I will probably buy another. I think it has a lower reach than the HZ. I could ride the JK in knee high waves if they had a bit of shape and all the way up to double overhead. The HZ I think will bottom out around waist high - we just haven't many small days recently. For the last month it has sort of been between shoulder to double overhead constantly. We've had 2 or 3 runs of swell that have overlapped each other. The last fortnight it has barely dropped below 4-5' with a couple of solid 8' days. While the HZ and JK cover similar wave ranges they do surf a little differently, the HZ feels much more shortboard.

            Anyway you get the picture, either will have enough overlap with your BP. The Hellfire will too but it won't give you quite as much top end. At double overhead, at least as a quad it gets too fast and can get a little out of control. I suspect it might as a thruster and I've been meaning to try it, but just haven't gotten around to it. The HZ I know does without having switch fins around but I still want to try it as a thruster too. Anyway some options to consider. I particularly like the way the HF surfs it has a bit of explosiveness. So I enjoy keeping it around as an inbetween option. My spitfire is my grovel board.
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              Thanks Slowman, that's given me plenty to think about and put a couple of new options on the table.