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Good set of FCS fins?

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  • Good set of FCS fins?

    looking for a good set of fcs fins for my BP. I don't have any fcs fins so looking for a solid all around set, without having to buy multiple quad sets. Any Ideas.

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    I love my indo controllers


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      Have you got a standard thruster set you use in other boards? I've personally found I get a more stable and predictable performance from my typical large thruster fronts with smaller, flat sided quad rears.I've tried all the Controllers, H2, Stretch and K2.1 etc quad sets in my Sweet and found them all a bit too extreme in what they do that they weren't all round enough to leave in the board for all conditions.
      The H2 and Controllers with the added cant, I found generated too much speed and lift too quickly and in sucky or choppy waves it felt like you were going to be thrown over the front and it was hard to keep the tail down and the nose up while popping up. On fast waves they generated too much speed and made turning difficult. In slower, slopey waves they are great though.
      The stretch and k2.1 sets I found had too much release for faster waves and I'd often loose the fins and be sliding sideways after a snap waiting for the fins to grab again to recover. I expect on a slower but pockety wave they'd be a lot of fun.
      I find with my normal medium raked thruster sides and matching template but smaller rears I have plenty of drive and enough control to wash off speed if I need to before turning hard and there's plenty of pivot and release when you want it, and I haven't noticed any negatives that I've found with the other sets.
      I'm 6'0, 170lbs riding a 5'2 Sweet Potato with Soar DL template at the front and DS as the rears.
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        I have pc-5 and tc aqualine 5 fin could i do anything whit those you think

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      Def worth a try


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        I am still waiting to get delivery on my BP 5'3 and still undecided on the fins choice. While doing some search I came across this set and this Looks designed for any wide at the back Anyone tried or even seen those?