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    Iím looking really liking the BP concept and really thinking I should get one. But naturally I have some questions J
    I currently have 2 Firewire boards. One old beaten dominator that I have had for about 4 years (isn't that a testimony to the durability!).
    This winter I got a 6'0" (32 Litre) Hellfire for the days with some more push (about 8s period and up. I only get swell over 10s on surf trips). The old dominator used to be my goto everyday board. Yes, we do have many sloppy days here in Norway and surf whatever can carry us.

    Now I need to replace the dominator with a proper groveler for the sloppy knee-high days with no push. I'm looking for something that will do this better than my 35 litre dominator has done, and has come to the conclusion that the BP is the way to go. But what about the size?
    I've been thinking that the 5'7" will be the way to go. Short enough and plenty of float to get the speed for the turns. Does that sound right?
    I'm 177cm and 78kg (5'9", 171 lbs) and surf a lot in thick winter 5 and 6 mm wetsuits.

    I'm really happy with the FST technology on my current Firewires, and a bit unsure about where to go with the Timbertek and the Rapidfire.
    The Timbertek looks great! But I'm not surfing a painting. I'm looking for functionality and durability since my home break is quite rocky, and surfing the small days usually means going slalom between the rocks on the inside. Is the Timbertek easy to repair and how does it compare to the FST? How big is the step to the Rapidfire, since the Timbertek boards seams harder to get hold of.

    All feedback is appreciated!


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    I ride a 5'7" BP white RF at 6' and 205lb 92kg it is a greatboard and has plenty of float for me, I would think you could go shorter. I personally think if you are likely to get it dinged then it will be easier to repair or at least less visible after repair if you get RF, but I do really like the look of the Timbertek,


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      I have a 5'3" BP (Timbertek) and I am 160-165 lbs. the board has enough float and I could probably get away with going down to 5'1". Granted if you are used to longer or higher volume boards going shorter takes some time to adjust, but I found the learning curve to be pretty steep and I found it has improved my skills at positioning myself on the wave for takeoff. There is a definite trade off between size and turning ability, so in my opinion the shorter the better. With a shorter board you will need to keep it on its rails and generate speed, but that's the whole point with going with a short board. If you just want to stand there, go with a long board. Each increment in additional length will decrease that ability to go from rail to rail quickly and generate speed. I feel the Timbertek is very durable especially relative to a PU board. However, if your smacking it on the rocks, it probably won't hold up as well as an epoxy board (e.g. Tuflite). I have been very impressed with the Timbertek due to its durability, very light weight and responsiveness (feels less rigid than epoxy).


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        i am around 73KG UK (so 5 - 6mm rubber boots hood etc) and ride a 5'3 BP and rode a 5'2SP both around 32 ltrs, defintley a lot of volume and stability in those dims at my weight i could probably size down but have been keeping it slightly floaty for fun, there is no way I would want more volume and i dont mind my boards slightly on the big side,.... seeing as you had a 35 ltr dom I think you should get on the 5'5 BP its 36 ltrs which is what you are used to and the shape is going to go even better in smaller surf than the dom due to the shape and design, i think if you go up to the 5,7 you will be putting on 4ltrs of vol and your going to find it less performant than your dom and unless you found the dom too hard work be dissapointed.

        You should get the same fun out of a 5'5 that i get out of a 5'3....dont oversize these boards

        my vote is on timber tek, even though i havent bashed mine yet by all accounts so far it seems more durable than the rapidfire and only gots a tiny bit more in europe, plus even though you dont want to surf art you will trip out on the design guaranteed! you fix them the same as any firewire boards... do you get your boards in norway or order from uk? if uk boardshop just got some timberteks in recently


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          Thanks for your answers!!!
          Very to the point!
          I was out in some knee high slopp yesterday with my dom and decided that a 5'5 BP it will be! And all of you just confirmed it :)
          I think I'll go for the Timbertek, even if it might loose it's finish over time. Atleas I'm surfing art when it's new :)

          I will probably order it from UK since there are no local dealers here.


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            Right on the dot!!


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              BP.... FAST, FAST, FASTER.... quiver kiler...


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                Qanik Baked is a good's a shame they don't have a FST model of it though. Sweet potato would be my option B recommendation and it comes in FST.



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                  I vote the TT BP as well. Will be durable, fast, and a super fun small wave groveller.

                  - Firewire Intern Josh


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                    Josh BL i would definitely recommend the TT BP but the guys in Thailand are slackin; they aren't meeting the demand! no offense...

                    Last edited by hawaii_boi; 07-29-2013, 12:00 PM.


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                      Hawaii_boy they are worth the wait/hunt, taking firewire boards to a whole new level ! Blown away on my first waist high surf However they are not good if you want a quite surf as everyone at the beach wants to check out your board and get thier hands on it :)