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Waves - how small is big enough for the Baked

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  • Waves - how small is big enough for the Baked

    So, just how small is a small wave when we're talking SP or BP?

    Be interested to know what you all consider a small wave.

    Obviously size of the wave isn't everything but be interesting to get an idea
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    reserves I would say knee high. anything else smaller I would recommend snorkeling or sun bathing! lol



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      It depends on the quality of the waves really. But typical Cornwall/UK waves I would see no point until it was thigh to waist high. Any smaller and it basically laps onto the sand around here.


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        Like Phill said, it depends. If a knee high wave has some form and a little push, then both boards are totally rideable. Onshore winds that cause a small wave to closeout will not be rideable however. I've found that if the wave is longboardable, then you can easily ride the BP and SP out there too.

        - Firewire Intern Josh


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          I would say that the picture with the long boarder was knee high and rideable on a PN BP and Sw with the right fin setup but that's a small as I would go. Any smaller it's pub time. Or check with the wife to see how the never ending job lies is progressing.


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            personally, waist to shoulder high wud b my smallest. otherwise im just angry in the water. even then, lil angry. lol


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              haha on a daily basis i'll surf knee to chest high waves with good form. If it is anything under that it is unrideable in NJ without some kind of longish board (8-10')