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Baked Potato in FST ?

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  • Baked Potato in FST ?

    The last 2 surfs with the 5'6 Potatonator I've really missed the Sweet potato that I sold. I've usually used my SUP in the small/mushy waverange lately, buy when there's a bit of wind the 7'10 SUP is more work than fun. If I was to get another board I would be a Baked Potato, probably a 5'3. Really like the durability of the FST, although the Timbertek looks really good too. Will this board be available in FST any time soon ?

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    Only as a kiteboard as far as I'm aware.


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      Probably a bit on the heavier side then ?


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        It sounds like the new kite construction without inserts is a little lighter. I have a 510 Hellfire in kite construction and it's got a lot more weight to it than the surfboards. Feels fucking bulletproof though.
        Timbertek sounds like the way to go though. They look and feel incredible in the flesh.


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          Yeah, might just go with the Timbertek, looks amazing.

          Just when you feel that the quiver is complete, there's always a long period of crappy surf that mess it up.... oh well. Summers over soon, so I might just wait it out. Really looking forward to try out the CC, hope we get some decent surf soon.... or I might have to book some tickets for a surf trip.


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            Erling an FST would be nice too. Either way, both techs (TT & FST) are hard to find haha



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              I know how you feel Erling. I often found my PN just not cutting it in really weak surf and longed to be baked. I droped the cash on a TT 501 last week and managed a quick surf on it before i had to go back offshore. I feel the PN and the Baked can find a home togeather. I have a subscorcher which is simular to the CC but the PN is such an easy board to ride and forgiving in surf up to head high. I plan to keep the pn and use it to hone certin manouvers that sometimes only waves with more power enable you to do this with the more performance boards. If that makes sence.


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                I just got a 5'3 BP in TT and rode it yesterday for the first time in hip to head high waves. I must admit when i picked the board up I was thinking i should hang this on the wall not surf it :)

                I have had a 5'6 PNator and tried a 5'2 SP both is FST and i really like how the TT BP feel and surfs like its a combination of the 2. Was so easy to paddle into anything, fast, really easy to turn. Got to get used to getting more weight on my back foot.

                Really liking this board so far need a few more surfs and try some different fins. First surf was as a thruster with AM2 Futures fins.

                Got to have knee surgery in the next few weeks so hoping a few more surfs before a 6 week break.


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                  Hey pmorgan what work do you do offshore? You enjoy it?

                  I have been weighing up a PN for a summer board but i think i will eventually get a 501 BP... Surf has been so good for the last few weeks on the goldy tho and i have just been falling deeper in love with my chubby chedda!!!

                  So eventually i suppose il end up with 501 BP, 509 CC and a VG or something as a step up... Thats the dream anyway... The CC will keep me enertained for a very long time i know, and i havent even started experimenting with fins! Machados soon!

                  Ot of interest has anyone tried the rasovich quads? They look a lot like a quad version of the machados?!?!


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                    Just borrowed a set of the Rasta Quads from a mate and hope to give them a try this week.