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  • matching weight and flotation

    I'm moving down from a 7'2" corky cool sticks fun board, looking fit something more performance oriented. I'm an intermediate surfer in decent shape, 6'2" @ 190-200lbs (yes my weight varies that much oddly enough). Everyone i have talked to says the Bp is the choice board for these often mushy and gutless surf we get here in southern nc coast, with wave height most of the time not clearing shoulder high on the best days, save for hurricane season. My queostion is concerning what size i should get. I've been told everything from 5.11" to 5'7" i don't want to get something too big to where i can't ride backside like some other reviews i have heard. You guys have any suggestions?

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    I'd say aim around the 40l zone.


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      im a similar size and ride a 5'7. i also have a 5'9 and hate it. dont worry about backside, the board is super stable


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        I just picked up a 5'9" Baked Potato in Timber tech, weigh 90kgs and age 54 so a little extra float is okay. I haven't had a board this short since 1980 and more recently a 6'3" Al Merrick Biscuit was the shortest thing I had ridden. I will report back after a few rides - I know it will perform. It was this forum that convinced me and one just lobbed into the local shop as a cosmetic second. It looks like it has been glassed on the bottom as I can see weave over firewire logo - extra weight won't hurt in chop - and extra strength. Cheap and what I wanted! This will be a great companion to my 6'6" Unibrow. Ahhh some days everything goes beautifully!!!!!!!!


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          Awesome let us know how it goes jambo. I think i will go for the 5'7". I was just so convinced about the 5'9" because that's what the guy at the local shop was raving about but the 7 is closer to firewires 40l max flotation fire my weight and fitness level


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            Calculator puts me at 41 litres (maximum) weight for age and ability and 5'9" is a little over at 43 litres. A little extra float in mushy or small conditions won't hurt, especially when you have got a few log riders in the water trying to be wave pigs. I think that a small wave board needs thickness. Last week sliding on mountains this week a small swell due and a new timber baked potato - just hope I can remember to ride such short boards. Thickness should not be a problem as rails are very fine due to the angle the deck drops away before the rail - a lot finer than sweet potato and other pure stoke models.