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  • Sweet v Baked

    Rode a 5'4" sweet recently and thought it fun. Havent ridden a Baked but thinking about buying a 5'5" or 5'3". Was able to catch ripples on the Sweet but worried that the Baked wont let me catch the really small waves. Thoughts or should i just stick with the Sweet?

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    It would depend on if you are happy with the porformance of the sweet. The baked will be better more manoverable but still needs a pealing wave. If the sweet can go on ripples it sounds like is a super low end board. I ride a baked and find it better in the low end over my PN but could still ride the PN it's just the baked allows turning cutting back easer in those poorer conditions.


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      Do you have any probs getting the Baked up and running in 1 foot slop? I have other boards for 2 foot and up.


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        I wouldn't bother surfing 1 ft slop tbh. I would normally ride the baked in knee to shoulder fuller waves or when it's a backing off tide. On the push in the same size I would run the PN.