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What size baked potato?

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  • What size baked potato?

    Hey guys looking at getting a baked potato ASAP and wanted some advice on sizing. I'm 6'0" and about 185lbs (fairly fit) and have been surfing on and off for about a year but only just getting into it now. I've been surfing a 6'0 retro fish that's 3inches thick and if floats me really well and I have a lot of fun on it. I'm just getting bottom and top turns and starting to have heaps of fun cruising down the line. Volume calculator puts me between 49 and 43 litres so I'm thinking either a 5'11 or a 5'9. Bit cautious of going the 5'9 because of my skill level but after reading some posts on here don't want to go too big either. Any help you guys could offer would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Zack

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    I wouldn't go any bigger than 5'9". Although I'm not sure the BP is the most user friendly board for someone in your position. A Dominator or even a Potatonator would probably aid you progress a lot more easily than the Baked Potato.
    If your heart is set on the BP, by all means give it a go, but I feel like the other boards with a wider condition range and more forgiving features would be a safer pick.


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      I would totally agree with Pill here. The baked is a spechisest kinda of board uber grovler. If i was looking at an easy surf and to progress the PN would be my choice. Ass end of a baked front end of the Dom. They grovle and can be surfed like a regular shortie. Food for thought.


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        Sorry Phill I miss spelt you name in the comment above. I really need to spell check way more.

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      lol... spelling is minor as long as u can fall back on ur surfing.

      @zack... we're close in size. i've got 5-10 lbs on u and ride the 5'7. the 5'9 wud always slide out from me. these guys know what they're saying. ur retro fish wud surf the same waves w a similar style, just way more fast. the PN/ Dom wud give u more versatility in ur quiver. i will say this tho, if u only had a 2 board quiver, the BP wud b a must. i'll ride mine overhead+ size just too see how fast i can go. its kinda like skipping a rock


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        Awesome thanks so muc