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BP vs PN - stability and wave size.

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  • BP vs PN - stability and wave size.

    Very stoked on my 5'7 BP, and lately been riding it more then my 6'2 SF .. not in anything huge but a few good days with 3-5 ft.

    Was considering also getting a PN and aiming at the 6'0 size to have similar float/wave count as the BP.
    Does anyone have both the BP and the PN for comparison ? Is there room in a quiver for both or is there to much overlap?

    Few things have got me a bit hesitant:

    1- Borrowed a friends 5'10 PN for a short surf. It felt OK but nothing spectacular.. not sure what I expected but with 37 liters I found it was pretty easy to duck dive and catching waves was still ok but not as easy as the 5'7 BP.

    2- Surf was not as good today so did not have the chance to try to PN in anything bigger then 2ft where it felt a bit less 'stable' then the BP. Considering how well the BP went for me in 4-5ft with big fins, what is the forum consensus on BP vs PN in this specific size range (shoulder - 1.5x overhead) ? They both seem to have a similar tail that has been thinned down ?

    3-Looking at 'board compare' a 5'5 BP has far more "stability" ranking (0.34) compared with even a huge 6'2 PN (0.33) while having much less volume 36l vs 44l.

    So summing up: If the BP has more stability (a good thing) at a lower volume (another good thing) and seem to handle 4-5ft pretty well (at least compared to PN). So is there any possible drawback with going for a second BP in 5'5 instead of a 6'0 PN ? :)

    My biggest struggle surfing right now is getting out on bigger days and taking really sucky/waves. Hence I was originally looking to get a Mini Driver or Unibrow and to balance between duck-diving / wave catching I would be looking at the 6'2 or 6'4 size.

    The crazy idea is if a 5'5 BP is actually a better choice for these midsize waves as long as you are a beginner anyway...

    1) 5'5 BP is same volume as 6'2 UB but I guess it will paddle better due to the flat rocker. Duck-diving will be a breeze.
    2) 5'5 BP is 26%!! is more stable then the 6'2 UB , should give heaps of more confidence once on the wave.

    ... wishful thinking ?
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    i found my potatonator paddled better then my sweet potato... sold my sweet


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      I've owned both the 6'2" and 6'4" potatonator and 6' and 5'8" sweet. Also the 5'11" baked in bamboo rf. I'm 50 with bad shoulder and 200-205 lbs and just recently bought a 5'11" baked timbertek (couldn't resist). It's been barely rideable since I got it here but allowed me to explore a stack of bottom end fin combos which has been interesting. With the potential for a vaguely decent increase in windswell this coming week it had me thinking I should grab the used 5'9" baked in my local shop. The thing is many surfers with conventional quivers will have the same shortboard shape in incremental 1-2" size increases to ride in various waves. However when they go to a groveller mindset will only ride the one magic size. Then they will go to a completely different board for waves a bit larger. My local has a fat point that needs a groveller even when its up to 4'. Riding a baked which you feel comfortable on with higher volume for the small stuff and then dropping down a size for more control at speed with less foam on a fat wave (for example) is just as good as changing to a different board and then trying to adjust to the boards ride character. Like riding a longboard skateboard around the flats with loose trucks (baked 5'9" with big fins) and then tightening up the trucks on the skateboard to bomb a hill (baked 5'7" with regular fins). The 5'10" potatonator you rode was probably just a bit under-volumed for what you're used to with the baked as you are realising yourself. So ultimately it depends upon the character of your local waves, swell power and tide conditions you'd ride a second baked in. If you feel your current baked is borderline too much foam just down size your fins and use ones with more rake in larger waves next time and see how you go. Saying this as I had a lot of fun riding my over-sized 6' sweet potato in 3-4' point waves with Stretch fins that flat out felt doughy and un-responsive in small stuff on the board. Riding the same sized waves on the 5'8" sweet potato was barely in control using controllers but was fun. Don't forget that sweet potato has a wider tail, fuller rails than the baked so a much lower top end than the baked too. So if you're going to ride a smaller baked in fullish, junkier or weaker but larger waves then no reason for me why you can't drop a size and enjoy without changing to a potatonator.


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        thats a good comment cuttlefish the same board in two sizes makes a lot of sense as you say more or less float and the same characteristics so grovel or fun. You should buy that used BP in your local shop it would work well on your fat point


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          I owned the BP and PN for a while. I loved my PN and could have easily used this with my Mini as a solid two board quiver from 1ft to double over head. But during the summer I bought a TT BP wow itís a nuts wee board it rides like the PN but has a way better feel on the lower end mushy week junkie waves. The upper end is also really good it mataches the PN here. IMHO feel they are very similar boards with the BP having the low end better covered. I sold my PN and bought a V2 rocket which is more like a Diamond tail Dumpster diver. The v2 kills the PN on performance and the BP also in the upper range less overlap. I would say if you like the BP for everyday use stick with it add a uni-B or MD for upper end powerful waves. They will surf and feel different to the BP but itís not a hard transition due to the Hybrid DNA of these boards. That two board quiver will cover you for the majority of conditions. Write something...


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            Originally posted by pmorgan View Post
            They will surf and feel different to the BP....
            Which takes us to the crux of my post. Why not change a size in the same board for the same feel in a different wave range instead of going to an entirely different board?


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              I think the tail of the baked is too wide for when the surf gets overhead and the lack of rocker when the waves are steeper. I think a board like the mini or flex fire hellfire etc could all be sized up but the thickness would need to be reduced and with also. I ride a 508 md and still have my 510 but the 510 is too tick and full in the rail for me to sink it on more powerful waves. I becomes sketchy as you get the feeling that you are relying on your fins only if that makes sense.


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                Swapped my PN5'10 for a PN6'0. First surf == extreme stoke ! Offshore, 3ft beach at low tide with closeouts. I was in earlier and got more waves then most of the crowd out. For sure much more competent surfers on their PU boards... I feel like I'm cheating. Loving FireWire ! Next board is a 5'5 Baked ... make it in FST please!


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                  I was thinking of a PN for waves my spitfire won't grovel in but sounds like the BP is the go. I have a spitfire, hellfire and hellrazor, so I guess I could get rid of the spitfire as well with a BP in there if it can handle head high waves as the HF can ride waist/chest up I've found.