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Which BP is closest to the 5´6 SP?

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  • Which BP is closest to the 5´6 SP?

    First of all: Many thanx to everyone here who is answering sizing questions again and again! I think we all know that the sizing has been discussed here very often, but there are a lot of personal things to keep in mind if you want to choose the right size and so there´s a new question with every new board and surfer.

    And so here is mine:

    I (6´2, weight is 180, 40 years old and fit, intermediate/advanced, using the board in Europe / North Sea, often freezing temps / thick wetty) had a 5´8 SP which was WAY too big (43 l). Nice glide, caught waves like no other, but much too thick and floaty. I sold it. Then I tried some different grovellers which I didn´t like and finally had a try on a 5´6 SP in really small and mushy surf. I really enjoyed it, it felt just right for me.

    So now that I´m back and thinking about some kind of Potato again, I am very interested in the BP, since it is meant to fulfill the same wishes about really small / mushy waves but easier to control in steeper sections and a bit more performance orientated.

    I am a little scared to go too big again so I wonder which BP is closest to the 5´6 SP which I enjoyed. Is 5´7 too big (again close to 40 l) or is it better to go this big as it will be my board of choice when the waves are crap? Do you even notice the higher volume (compared to the 38 liters of the SP I tried)? Is a 5´5 BP too short for a tall guy like me (maybe problems with missing the sweet spot)? Or does it offer the same performance in small and really weak waves?

    Questions, questions, questions...

    Thanks for some input, even if it´s another sizing question... ;-)